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Cowboy Cerrone had a great training camp

This weekend’s Korean Zombie vs Dustin Poirier card has some serious sleeper potential and no fight sums that vibe up more than Donald Cerrone vs Jeremy Stephens. Cerrone is coming back from a loss to Nate Diaz where Nate leveled up while Donald sagged like a wet noodle. He’s got a lot to prove in this fight, and will have to overcome some adversity to do it:

“This fight was a son of a bitch man. I had staph infection in my knee so bad I had to go into the emergency room and get IV’s. I just get out of the hospital and I get pulled right back in because I rolled my stomach. My stomach got twisted, so I did eight more days in the intensive care unit, so, it was pretty sweet man.”

“I twisted one of my intestines right below my stomach, in training. I got into an accident, so my stomach is messed up anyways, from years ago. They were talking about surgery. They were going to try one thing where they let all of my intestines out and they fill me full of water and try to unspin it, and that worked, thank God, I guess, so.”

“I’m not telling you that (when it happened), because I don’t want anyone else to know, you’re the first person I said it to. The whole thing was hush, hush, hush. The only person that new was the insurance company of the UFC. I don’t want anyone saying, “Oh, he was in the hospital, he ain’t training.” Shit, let’s go, I’m ready, there ain’t no stopping me. I was in the hospital for me knee and my guts, let’s go. I’m a cowboy to the end, so. I’m healthy and great. If anything, it just helped lose weight.”

A twisted stomach? I thought that just happened to dogs, not to fighters due to training. Just another reason why we should stick to stuffing our faces with corndogs and leave MMA to the pros. I’d rather have my guys clog up with processed food and explode when I’m 60, thank you very much.

After the jump, Cowboy Cerrone gives us a Real Man answer to the annoyingly frequent MMA question “Would you fight your friend”


“I still am, 100 percent (Rashad’s friend). Every day, I would walk in and say, ‘I’m team Rashad.’ It was just like that, I wear everything on my sleeve, I say how it is and I talk right to people. I would tell Jon (Jones), ‘I’m team Rashad, man. That’s my boy, that’s my brother.’ And Jones is cool man, he is a cool dude. I have no hard feelings. I go out with him and hang all the time and I train with him. It’s not like I would take his training and tell Rashad, I wouldn’t go that far. But he is like, ‘I respect the fact that you were friends with Rashad before you met me and that you’re sticking by your boy, and I respect that.’ As for me, I will fight anyone. I will fight anybody. I would fight Leonard (Garcia), and I live with him. Does that answer your question? I would fight Clay (Guida), and he will still be my boy. I mean, this is what we do, we’re professionals and there is going to come a time when teammates are going to have to fight. That’s just the way it goes.”

Damn straight, especially with all these MMA supercamps drawing more and more top tier fighters into one place. So now it’s settled. Being a giant bitch about fighting a teammate will now be known as a Rashad, and being a motherf*cking boss about it is being Cowboy.

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  • Jemaleddin

    Where by “This weekend’s” you mean “next Tuesday” right?

  • subo

    I, too, will be keeping the exact date to myself, as Cerrone’s sister called me freaking the fuck out when it happened (he was treated in Denver).

    And yes. That guy loves Leonard Garcia like a brother and would fight him. So shut the fuck up, Rory.

  • Giallo

    That’s some real speak there, Mir said basically the same thing. If he’d just change that fucking nickname though.

  • Reverend Clint

    so i should definitely bet on the other then.

  • subo

    Also, that shit (colic) killed my horse. RIP RJ.

  • Ron Jeremy

  • thingvolds

    i would like to enjoy a nice corn dog while watching mma like this post suggests.  however i no longer eat my animal friends because i have evolved and i just about no longer watch mma because i am now afraid of watching streams.  to fill these voids i have gotten heavily into fruit smoothies and ornithology.  i regret nothing.

  • iamphoenix


  • Reverend Clint

    so volds is a fruity bird watcher now?

  • TheColonConspirator

    Who the fuck is cowboy cerrone?

  • frickshun


  • Sergio

    I was watching the Cerrone Rocha fight and it got me woirerd for Cerrone. If Cerrone fights like that, Nate will have a lot to work with. Cerrone is a beast though and obviously having Greg Jackson in your corner as the strategist will only help him. I mean Greg Jackson has pretty much figured out Nate Diaz (Stevenson fight) so we’ll just want and see. In the Rocha fight, Cowboy got hit a couple of times by way of boxing, and this really can’t be the case for Diaz because his boxing is precise and sharp. Still, Cerrone has a lot of ways to win and I hope he does!

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