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Creepy freakin’ Russians

The Emelianenko brothers, Fedor and Aleks. I don’t know who the hot девочка is in the middle, but considering the look Aleks is giving, perhaps I should just stop thinking what I’m thinking right now before he breaks through time and space to murder me.

  • Matt (but I signed up as Mr. Unbelievable Pants)

    Holy Murderous Gaze, batman!
    Aleks looks the same, Fedor looks different. Those are my observations.

  • Fightlinker is Wrong

    Addams family anyone…

  • Lifer

    i like how they exchanged hairstyles as they grew up.

  • Mike O

    fedor, most likely to fall asleep any second now
    aleks, most likely to get a tattoo of a grim reaper holding a baby

  • Mike_N

    Nice to see that both brothers essentially haven’t changed since they were age 10. Miss Emelianenko there in the middle probably has brutal ground-and-pound as well.

  • nephildevil

    that middle one looks like a girl i know

    her dad was in our special forces

    beware of girls who look like that and their family :D

  • Swedish guy

    I admire Fyodor’s ability to look lame even with a hot chick (by russian standards) next to him.

  • Swedish guy

    Verochka is a cute name too. Sounds like something… nasty.

  • dr hobo

    Uncle Fester looks so cool in this photo… no wait, thats not Uncle Fester!

  • dignan

    Nothing better than a photo taken in 1984 that looks like its from 1954.

    There’s no way Fedor and Aleks have the same father…yes, their mom was a whore.

  • BoshyClaus

    Yeah you better look away unless you want your fingers cut off like in eastern promises.