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Cris Cyborg was kicked out of Saturday’s Strikeforce show

Strikeforce has a pretty shitty record when it comes to treating Cris Cyborg well. They dicked her around for almost a year on a contract renewal and have treated her as persona non grata since she popped positive for steroids last year. But this right here is a new low:

“I watched all fights but on the last one, Ronda’s, a woman working on the event [a Zuffa employee -FL] came to tell me I had to leave because the commission doesn’t accept suspended athletes on the shows. My manager talked to the guys at the commission and there’s really a law that says that. I was upset for the way they treated me. They could’ve pulled me on a corner and told me, not in front of the fans. I was taking pictures and they interrupted me, saying I had to go. It was very disrespectfuly. I believe a champion deserves to be treated with respect. Everyone knows an athlete’s life isn’t easy, so all fighters deserve respect. When I was in Brazil I watched UFC and there was no problem”, explained.

What? Suspended fighters aren’t allowed to watch MMA events live? Since when? If that’s a real rule, I’ve never heard of it being enforced. Even if it was the commission’s call and not Strikeforce’s, someone should have stood up for her. If I was Cris Cyborg, I would have grabbed that chick and twisted her goddamn head off. And then tweeted that I wanted Strikeforce to release me from my contract. A former Strikeforce champion got thrown out of a Strikeforce show. Pretty pathetic.

  • bakapoki

    Haha – dude got kicked out cuz he was roiding and now is all butt-hurt about it. lolz…

  • Reverend Clint

    i would have kicked it out too

  • Grunter

    You can’t be in the TECHNICAL ZONE, which is the area right around the cage or ring and which is controlled by the commission, if you’re suspended.


    I’d like to see the reg. on this one. Sounds like a BS move by the CSAC.

    Grunter’s post sounds correct.If she was in the audience she was out of their jurisdiction.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    She had worse seats, but some dude let her come up front with his group and she was signing and taking photos up front.

  • voice of reason

    feel slightly bad for him but if it’s in the rulebok then they’re not being dicks, just following the rules.

  • noiseless

    wonder what ronda’s doing right now

  • lostdog

    Champion? You cheat your whole career and you think deserves respect? They should start abolishing professioal records for fighters that are caught cheating, suspend them from any kind of fighting for a year while submitting monthly drug test, and start them over from scratch.

  • Letibleu

    They kicked her out of the cage side area and she is making it sound like they gave her the boot all the way to the curb. Over embellishing shit and then blaming her English seems to be a recurring trait with her.

  • Reverend Clint

    she probably flew into a roidrage

  • TheButtStrangler

    Dana protecting his twitter pal as usual.