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“Cryborg” is on her way out of the UFC

(“On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t twist”)

On Wednesday at the UFC on FUEL TV 7 press conference, Dana White confirmed that Cris “Cyborg” Santos was in the process of being released from the UFC. Immediately following the announcement White began spitting venom in every direction when discussing the fallout between the two sides.

“I’m telling you right now, she wants nothing to do with this fight with Ronda (Rousey). This is the biggest show in the world. We’re working with her to get her a deal or whatever. When you send a letter from your lawyer and your doctor saying I will die if I try to make 135 (pounds), it’s just the goofiest thing. I’ve never seen anything like it in the fight business.”

Like a six year old “Cryborg” (the lovable and clever Rousey alternative nickname) has decided to pack up her things and leave the UFC thanks, in part, to current manager and UFC “thorn” Tito Ortiz. By Santos leaving the promotion the odds of a Rousey/Cyborg fight have dropped down to the “natural” testosterone levels of one Vitor Belfort, and there’s no testosterone replacement therapy for that problem. According to White the opportunity for this fight would have presented itself down the road – if both Rousey and Santos continued to win.

“So what happens is, so we’ll figure something out where Cyborg gets some fights. Ronda defends her title a few times. Then maybe Ronda moves up to whatever and fights… they want nothing to do with that, wants nothing to do with it. It’s wacky beyond wackiness.”

As Dana continued, channeling his inner Ronda Rousey, he took constant pot shots at the former Strikeforce women’s 145 pound champion like she was nothing more than a UFC speed bag. He made sure we all knew just how much Cyborg had faded into obscurity.

“Cyborg is pretty much irrelevant right now. She really is. She’s irrelevant. Go out there and win some fights again, get your name back, stay clean, stay off some steroids and get your career back on track and then we’ll talk. But for her to think that everybody should move around and jump through hoops for her is insane.”

We get it Ronda has more options in the 135 pound division than a fat kid at Golden Corral on half price night, but that’s not the issue. The problem lies in the fact that the MMA community wants to see this fight happen, and our appetite for it (like the aforementioned fat kid) will only increase with every clever assortment she comes up with for the “Cyborg” nickname.

  • Nachtfalter

    My dislike for the bald asshole is much more intense than my mild annoyance with the transgendered Brazilian steroid freak, but Uncle Fester’s right, Cyborg is irrelevant. She hasn’t fought in eons, she hasn’t beaten anyone remotely impressive in even more eons (sorry Jan Finney) and she’s established as a cheater to boot. Not that I really give a damn about the latter, to be honest.

    Cris needs to be active again, she needs to win a couple of times and she needs to fire Tito Ortiz. Seriously, how on earth do you think it’s a good idea to have a borderline retarded, completely delusional idiot like that as your agent? It would be a terrible idea even if the president of your most lucrative potential employer didn’t hate the guy’s guts. For her stunningly idiotic choice of agent alone, Cyborg deserves to burn in the purgatory of irrelevance for a while.

  • Nachtfalter

    Uhm, yeah… wrote a sort of lengthy thing but the comment function killed it for some reason.

    Here’s the gist: Fuck Dana, but he’s right, Cyborg is irrelevant. Also: Fuck Tito, he’s dumb!

  • SteelBreeze

    I like this idea, you get caught taking steroids and you can’t fight again unless you drop a weight class.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I think the McMann fight is a much bigger deal. Testing a Judoka versus a wrassler is a better fight than someone who takes herself down into mount

    I love the idea of a juicebag who beatup 135ers for a living not willing to fight at 135 even after she’s been popped and will always rag on her for it. In truth, the fight will be over quickly and everyone will write it off with 20/20 hindsight.

    The McMann fight can go either way.

  • CAP

    Golf clap Nachtfalter.

    Tito being Tito is not helping the situation. I’m just not buying the not being able to make weight excuse either.

  • agentsmith

    So what happened with Mike Dolce trying to work with her? Funny how that just kinda went away quietly, and she goes on saying she can’t possibly make 135, it’s too dangerous. But 140 is okay. That extra 5 pounds is deadly, I tell you.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    She had two months to give Dolce a try – how much you wanna bet she didn’t?

    No doctor is going to write a letter saying they approve of you cutting weight. If she and Tito’s being honest, I want to see the letter from her doctor saying it’s “safe” to cut to 145. How much you wanna bet we never will?

  • agentsmith

    Dolce met with Cyborg at least once, but I guess it didn’t go anywhere.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Yeah, he met with her then announced 135 was completely doable for her. Then nothing … until now.