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Daily Rubout: Art of Hotness

Here’s a tiny little preview thumbnail of the Art of War ring girl wallpaper Tony from MMA Fight Girls found. It’s literally the best site in the universe for hot fight related pictures … honestly, I could just steal pictures from their site every day for the rubout if I wasn’t afraid Tony might show up on my doorstep one day and punch me in my tender bits.

So go and look at the big version. Kelsey and Ania are my favorites.

  • el feo XIII

    just think, the UFC has only 2 ring girls, and only one attractive one. there’s no excuse for that!

  • Esther Lin

    I thought the UFC did that to stay classy. I mean, if these girls showed up on stage at a UFC event, sherdog forums would be screaming, “SLUTS! Dumb Whores!”


    Ania is cute.

  • Chico XIV

    What you rep buster?

  • LastDeadMouse

    score one for Kelsey

  • clint notestine

    i kind of fancy Yan Bin

  • Carcass

    Xiao Hui and Anna :D

  • Denton

    Wow, they’re pretty young. Like, real fuckin young.

  • Tony

    Wear your cup… I’ll see you at your doorstep in one hour!
    hahaha, your site rocks man, I could only wish to write as half as good as you. keep stealing, I love the site.


    How do you wind up picking the two Russian Crack Ho’s out of that line up?

    Give me a Xiao Hui / Yan Ying sandwich anyday!

  • kentyman

    I’m a fan of the Yans.

  • Ryan

    Tigertao, actually:
    Ania is Canadian, Kelsey is Polish. Heh.

  • Ryan

    Oh, Alina is Greek and Anna G. is Czech. All the others are Chinese. Cheers.

  • fightlinker

    United nations of ring girls