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Daily Rubout: DEEP Ring girl competition

In Japan, you don’t just get picked randomly to be a ring girl. Or at least you don’t in DEEP, where they have a competition inbetween fights where girls get a chance to earn a place on the team. Think of it like The Ultimate Fighter, but instead of guys fighting, it’s girls prancing around half naked. And hopefully less pooping in the tops of toilets. I wouldn’t mind a few backyard catfights though.

Here’s a link to some streaming videos where you can watch the whole DEEP selection process unfurl before your eyes. This naughty moment brought to you by the guys at Japan MMA.

  • clint notestine

    YAMMA forever!!!!

  • Fightlinker is Wrong

    The japanese word for ring girl is throat.

  • koolpaw

    Excuse me? Japan? u pick up Japan?
    i thought USA promotions do more?

    which org was that… hired a Canadian nude model with horsef… oops

  • garth

    are you running smack koolpaw? it seems you’re implying that fightlinker has talked smack about asian ring girls?

    is today some kind of opposite day i missed?

  • garth

    wow the constant buffering made that almost unwatchable.