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Daily Ruobut Feb 28rd 2008

UFC and Spike od voting shit
HYeah i dont trust htese fuckers they’re probably so stupd they want youy to vote fucking RONALD REGAGN. Nothingbugt on2 big tax wirteoff. Don’t givfe them the satifscatcion, just take a big poo on election dat.

ti o ortiz is happy
the bigg winer in CBS leiteXC deal of cours is TITO ORTIZ wh is totalyl going to be like yeah i’m gona be on network tv bitches. try to stop me dana i shit in your face

ufc gets slopyt senconds
well look like UFC is tryting to get a date for the prom. it’s FOX TV which would bve good likew 10 uyeats ago when FOX rocked but now they just FASCISTS

  • Xenicore

    Drunk posting FTW!

  • kentyman

    It’s official: we are out of hot ring girl pics, and left with drunk foreign exchange students.

    hotchickk.jpg, indeed.

  • kentyman

    I would’ve gone with turtlefaceandETfingers.jpg.

  • Ross

    I like how in just over an hour Ryan has gone from being semi-coherent to completely incomprehensible.

  • Tommy

    Can you really be this drunk?

  • Geoffr0y

    I’m impressed. the last time I tried to write while that drunk I passed out just trying to turn my computer on. I woke up the next day on the kitchen floor with my arms around the toaster which explained the previous nights frustration.

  • Dangerfield

    The big guy had alot of steam in him tonight. He’s sleep well tonight.

  • Thomas aka Hattori Hanzo

    Good times eh

  • adc

    A few Jim Beam’s too much perhaps?

  • adc

    Maybe you could translate these to sober when you wake up?

  • Swedish guy

    Great, this new drunken writing looks more like Swedish! Me understand now!

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    Am I the only one who now regrets paying money for the forums?

  • Mike

    This is incredibly fucking annoying.
    Not to mention, no, no one gets drunk enough to do that. It’s something 16-year-old boys do when they want everyone to know they were cool enough to drink beer. I can come home from 18 beers and still type perfect English (though it takes a bit longer to correct mistakes as I tap at the backspace key and sway).

  • nephildevil

    drunk typing!
    now ur starting to type like me :p

  • Zheroen

    Do not listen to the naysayers, Ryan. In fact, I would like at least one night of drunken posting per month. Perhaps it is because I have a bit of a buzz from weed and Steel Reserve (8.5% ABV, bitches), but I can RELATE.

  • dulljake

    sorry to ruin everyone’s fun and edit these motherfuckers….

  • Drehog

    anyone else think the site’s been hacked?

  • dulljake

    If by hacked you mean written by a man who consumed copious amounts of Molson Canadian, then yes, it’s ben hacked….

  • kentyman

    Balls. Sorry guys, I don’t have a cache of the original version of this post. Luckily, Jake didn’t put too much time into editing it.

    I just noticed “28rd”. Classic.

  • dualdiagnosis

    Viva la Reagan Revolucion!

  • P W

    I bet you that that chick in the pic is wilder in the sack than most of the “hot” ring girls. Remember, sexy girl does not equal great sex.

  • kentyman

    No, but sexy girl does equal great daily rubout.

  • nephildevil

    with enough of that bourbon every girl will look sexy anyway

    but the morning after, now that is pure horrorè! :D