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Daily Rubout March 24th 2008


Okay folks, change in plan. I’ve come to hate the old way I did the Daily Rubout because it’d usually be me at 2am in the morning trying to write something interesting about very uninteresting news. And then I’d feel annoyed because the rubouts weren’t very entertaining on account of me being tired as fuck, and it’d be a really shit way to end the day. Plus it meant I was sleeping in because these things were taking me an hour to do. Long story short, it was a pain in the ass and I didn’t become a full time blogger to actually work hard or something.

So from now on the Rubout will be completely devoid of any redeeming qualities, and will just be an excuse to show off pictures of hot chicks in various stages of undress. I apologize to any female readers who want some equal opportunity hotness. But hey … all of MMA is your masturbatory oyster. The sport is nothing but ripped dudes half naked. I’m just fighting for some equality here!

The picture above is one of the ring girls for Japanese promotion HEAT. This is the first time I think I’ve seen non-jappo ring girls for a Japanese event, and man are these girls smoking. Check out a whole bunch more pictures here!

  • andres

    I wonder if they have a white girl fetish??

  • Wu Tang

    Baaa, you always get drained for your site… You love is crazy for this site! It will pay off in the end.. Just go train, so you can jake can know wtf is a red belt!

    VOTE FOR ME!!!

  • Thomas aka Hattori Hanzo

    i heart boobies

  • snepin14

    daily rubout just got even better

  • godzillad

    ”I wish I was Asian, that way my fetish for Asian girls wouldn’t be considered creepy”

  • andres

    Hahaha me to

  • Jemaleddin

    You know, I don’t think most of us realized that there was ever anything besides the pictures of ring girls. :-)

  • Hywel Teague

    isn’t HEAT a Brazilian promotion? I think they’re just doing their first Japanese co-promotion

    hence smoking hot Latinas for ring girls

  • twankydawg

    Erica Nog is hawt……I’d do’er…..twice.

  • Card


  • Atom

    Wu- if you’re do end up on whatever dating show you’ve got your heart set on, I hope your grammar when speaking is better than your grammar when typing.