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Daily Rubout March 9th 2008

MMA Fight Girls put up the pictures from the Throwdown photo shoot with Arianny, but the pics suck so here’s the video from a few days ago.

UFC adds heavyweight bout to UFC83
Looks like the UFC is trying to round out their heavyweight division so it’s not so pathetic around the lower levels. This fight puts newcomers Cain Velasquez against Brad Morris.

Rich Franklin doesn’t want to fight Silva again
Herein lies the problem facing half the fighters in the middleweight division: What’s the point of even fighting Anderson Silva nowadays?

Confirmation on the whole Fedor thing
Sam Caplan sniffs around and confirms the word from ESPN that shit has gone sour between Fedor and M1. But he doesn’t rule out the chance that M1 will get at least one fight out of Fedor before they part.

  • Fightlinker is Wrong

    Fightlinker, if you get me Arianny I’ll release your daughter.

  • Wu Tang

    “Silva finished off the jiu-jitsu stylist in a body triangle”
    In the artical on Franklin.. That author sux at writting MMA content. I guess he is part of the band wagon new age writers… Fucken body triangle? TRIANGLE CHOKE FOO!

  • MadMan

    I don’t know his name…but this dude has got the speed and the body-type to give Anderson Silva the fight of his life!

  • Lifer

    starting to wonder if arianny’s tits are fake as well.

  • kentyman

    No way. The fact that they only look that big when she leans forward like that means they’ve got the natural flop to ‘em.

  • Vale Nada

    Hey, i’m not gonna look a gift-horseface in the mouth.

    we should come up with a moniker for Arianny…

  • Atom



  • kentyman

    Well said.