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Daily Rubout: The Thomas Brothers

The jackals are saying we got owned by Bloody Elbow today. Now we’ve been owned by them before, but I’m not really sure if I consider this proper ownage. They posted up a picture of me looking awesome and Jake looking … well, Jake looking like Jake. I personally think Luke Thomas did everyone over there a favor by giving them their daily dose of hot sexyness, so hey … one good turn deserves another!

The above picture is Luke and his brother preparing a delicious meal of marinated hooker beef in anticipation of the Street Certified show a while back. I’m digging Luke’s “Ben Affleck circa Chasing Amy” look much better than the satanic metalhead look he used to sport.

  • andres

    Best rubout yet haha time to get busy

  • Accomando

    By “brother” you mean his gay life-partner, right?

  • Chuck

    shit i just popped a T-Rex sized bone on that pic.. time to grab the sandpaper and dog shit and GET BUSY

  • garth

    oh my.


  • Trembling Eagle

    man where the hell is the radio show?

    I had to listen to Beatdown after the Bell
    God damn those are some irritating fucks

  • Matt (but I signed up as Mr. Unbelievable Pants)

    I hear ya Mr. Eagle.
    Could Josh Gross and TJ de Santis’ dynamic be any worse?

  • Fightlinker is Wrong

    So… Fightlinker. I realise I’ve hurt your feelings and I want to make it up to you. So I am going to give you some fodder for a post. I’m not sure if you can work in a penis joke, but if anyone can you can.

    I present, Jon Koppenhaver’s UFC biography.

    “Favourite Technique: Choke you out and then slap you in the
    face…haha!..inside joke =)”

  • Lifer

    wake me when the bloggist circle jerk is over.

  • scorchamatic

    if there was a “which two guys looks like a bigger pair of tools” contest, i’m pretty sure it would be a draw.

  • Captain

    How old is Jake, 40?

  • Dangerfield

    Your all in the no fuck section.

  • RoB

    good to see ryan is still workin the peoples eyebrow

  • Ryan

    Luke looks EXACTLY like Matt Brown from this season’s hit reality show, THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER.â„¢ Seriously, maybe he’s incognito, hoping to make his dreams a reality, but afraid Dana will discover his true identity and boot him for all the nasty blogger things he’s done over the years.

  • BossTweed

    Both of you guys have nice eyebrows.

  • Amy Robinson

    I love the people’s eyebrows your giving in that pic. Much better than the dopey looks on the Bloody Elbow dudes.

  • RoB

    who pitches & who catches?

  • Luke Thomas

    I pitch and your girlfriend catches, you limp wristed beta male bitch.

    Mmmm…hooker beef…

  • andres

    That’s not jake nor ryan dumbasses

  • RoB

    everybody knows that marines love to tickle the brown eye, luke. you aint gotta lie to kick it. so remove your dick skinners from the key board and do something manly to ditract us from your homoness.

  • RoB

    he was the former marine right?