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Daily Rubout: Top 10 Ring Girls

Have I mentioned that I freaking hate top ten lists? I honestly don’t know why everyone feels like they need to make a list when past top three or four or five there’s usually no real standouts. Case in point: Cage Potato’s Top 10 Hottest Ring Girls list. There’s like maybe 5 good ones, but they pad the list all to hell just to get to that magic number 10. Well fuck you, top ten lists. Fuck you to hell.

  • garth


  • Millertime

    No i am second.

  • Nate

    HaHa. Edith number 8. No wonder the hate.

    Rachelle Leah def. should be #1 though.

  • clint notestine

    Never thought Ali Sonoma was very attractive, hot yes but stripper or Edith hot.
    That IFl chick definitely attractive and doesn’t have a cookie-cutter stripper look.

  • rollshop

    lol relax linker, theyre all pretty hot and cagepotato is fairly similar to your site anyway.

  • TKO Todd

    Rachelle number 6? Thats a joke!

  • Jemaleddin

    Seriously, no more pics of Edith (I like how it sounds like “Ate it” when she says it.) – I’m starting to get eyeball herpes here.

  • Atom

    I disagree, and CagaPotato typically has pretty good ones.

    Worst Cauliflower Ear

    Theres also worst tattoo, and best beard in mma.

    Don’t be mad beacuse theres another funny mma blog

  • JoshMan

    Are there no fine ass black ring girls? I loves me the chocolate.

  • Atom

    G.I.S. turns up nothing.

    I feel like I’ve seen one somewhere though, but if I could remember, I’d produce a pic