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Damn baby … baby you HOT

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They say the mirror adds 10 pounds, the camera adds 20, and I guess high definition TV must add like 40 pounds because the Gina that was on Inside MMA last month doesn’t look anything like the Gina who was on the Yac & J show a few days back. Mind you, she is rocking a bulky jacket that could be hiding some poundage … but she’s most definitely lost weight around her face and neck. Perhaps we’ll finally see a Gina who doesn’t turn her weigh-in into a complete debacle? A complete SEXY debacle, but a debacle none the less.


    Yeah, right. Has she ever made weight in her life?

  • eugene

    she made weight her last two elitexc fights

  • twankydawg

    I just wanna know, who over at Xtreme Couture is getting to hit that. Someone has to know. I’ll take a number and wait my turn!

  • fightlinker

    After Gina and Kim roll, Randy ravishes kim just to get the duel smell

    haha … eeeeew. Anyone who’s ever rolled knows how gross that’d actually be

  • twankydawg

    I wonder if I smacked her on the ass when I was hittin it if she would hit back! LOL


    She did not make weight for her last two EliteXC fights. I’m not sure if she managed to hit 141 against Kedzie, but I know she couldn’t get there against Evinger.


    Actually, let me correct that. She failed to make weight against Kedzie too.

  • eugene

    at Uprising, she cam in at 141.1.. you are allowed one pound, and she was allowed the .1 due to her clothes

    (yeah, she looks like a fatty here)

    at Destiny, she did come in .25 over

    point is… she is just TOO big to be 140.. its a HARD cut for her, especially, when her fight come up when her lady parts are doing their monthly thing..

    but there is no real competition for girls who are over 140.

  • Jemaleddin

    I’m sorry: 140 doesn’t count as making weight. 140 isn’t a weight class. It’s Caranoweight. If she’s not 135, she’s not making weight.

    But she is pretty.

  • Larsenator

    Gotta lover her!

  • Burtonchik

    it’s a lot harder for women to cut weight though!!!

  • Gina’s boy toy

    I maybe the only one who thinks Gina just might make the weight this time. Gina must know by now that she is a joke about the whole weigh in thing, so why agree to a fight on a weight she wouldn’t make.