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Dan Hardy’s Shaolin diet

Our buddy Matt Polly wasn’t the only guy who disappeared in China to train with the Shaolin Monks. Dan Hardy did it as well, and here’s his breakdown of what they ate every day:

That was the same every day. They have a very consistent diet. In the morning we would have powered milk, hot water, white rice and boiled eggs. That was breakfast every day the whole time I was there. The funny thing is, when you were having breakfast you knew what you would be having for your next meal because you could hear them out back killing it. They would be out there ringing the necks of chickens, or killing a pig, whatever, it was quite an experience.

Lunch and dinner, we would sit around a table, probably eight of us, and there would be a big bowl of rice in the middle. Then there would be six bowls: four of them would vegetable based and two would be meat. Chicken, eggs or pork was popular. They didn’t eat beef all that often. All the food steamed, pan-fried stuff, very clean. And it was all grown locally from a nearby village. And you could taste that. The volume of the food was the only issue I had. They were feeding us the amount that the monks were eating. I went out there at 180 and I came back weighing 152 pounds.

What, no egg rolls or pineapple chicken?

(pic via Heavy)

  • glassjawsh

    further proof that dan hardy sucks: if he walks around at 180 he should really be fighting at 155

  • drunkenjunk

    he came back 18lbs under his weight class, why the fuck is he still at ww?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Y’all know he was doing this ten years ago, right?  The article says right off the bat that he weighs 200+ now.

  • Giallo

    just how is this supposed to help him win fights, cause ya gotta know those shaolin monks are an encyclopedia of mma knowledge.

  • drunkenjunk

    oh, well I’m allergic to reading anything more than a paragraph a year about dan hardy unless its about him gettin ko’d.

  • frickshun

    First of all Ryan you cunt, I lawl’d @ egg rolls. Secondsies……he looks horrendous in that pic. His stylist should be shot. What’s that? He DOESN’T HAVE A STYLIST?? Then who in the fuck told him to do that to his hair?

  • matthewpolly

    I didn’t know Hardy was a fellow Shaolin brother. Are there any other articles about his time training there?

    As for you Giallo, the Shaolin monks like almost all Chinese fighters study san shou (sanda), the kickboxing style Cung Le made famous. Now it hasn’t proved out in MMA as well as Muay Thai, but it’s a worthy stand up style with some useful techniques that are worth studying, particularly their front side kick and many of their throws. End of lesson.

  • Maria

    Yay! so cool, we could have had more to talk about this past year, LOL. Very cool site and great new FB page, I suggested it on my site Sharp Bright & Tactical s FB page. Way to go, the only sport I give a hoot about as well!-ARL

  • Shrutika

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  • lxnaybgwol

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