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Dan Henderson hits the forums

When posting on the Underground forums, there’s always a decent chance that whatever shit your slinging will get read by the person you’re slinging said shit at. When some guy posted this about Dan Henderson:

“You SHOULD have to earn a shot at Anderson. You SHOULD have to beat Chael or Mousasi FIRST. But we all know that will not happen….We all already know that [Dana White] will “give” it to you on a silver platter,” the post continued.

Dan Henderson up and replied with the following rant:

“The difference between you and me is that while you sit at your computer and make ignorant statements while hiding behind an anonymous screen name, I am willing to test myself against the toughest fighters in the world, in front of hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans, over and over again,” he wrote.

“Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but I always come to fight. I’ve been doing this for the past fourteen years, and I have at least a few more strong years left in me. What have you done in the past fourteen years other than act like a moron on this forum and hang on Anderson’s nuts?

“Tell me where you work so I can come watch, and whenever you have a bad day I’ll demand that you get fired with no opportunity to redeem yourself. Sound fair?”

“I’ve gone 6-1 since the Anderson fight, with wins in three weight classes against world-class competition. Considering my recent success along with my career accomplishments, I think I’ve pretty much earned the right to call out anyone in the world–and I believe I’ve demonstrated over the course of my career that I have a better than average chance of beating whomever it is I choose to call out,” he explained.

“Whether you like it or not, Anderson and his management have done their best to avoid a rematch. I think I’ve proven myself worthy to face him again, and if he believes I’m such an easy fight, why not take the payday?

“I would not have left the UFC if it wasn’t obvious that Anderson was avoiding a second fight, and he’s doing it again.”

Anderson ducking Henderson, huh? Sounds legit…

  • thingvolds

    lol. dan takes the bait

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I always love the “Do I come to your private job and act like you do toward my public one” logic.  At least Seinfeld was funny about it and had the reasoning of someone coming to your public job and disrupting you while you do it, while Dan’s seemingly just being a juicebag bully.

    As for the fight, I don’t think he stands any different chance than he did the first time (right hand or lay-n-pray for 5 rounds) but I’d be down to see it after Stann gets his shot.

  • CAP

    Hendo is a more interesting fight than a lot of other options for Silva.

  • Reverend Clint

    there is the concept of learning from your mistakes DJ. Hendo im sure has seen how chael nearly had him beat, not saying Hendo is the same style wrestler.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Tell me where you work so I can come watch, and whenever you have a bad day I’ll demand that you get fired with no opportunity to redeem yourself. Sound fair?

    Best line of the article, sports fans love to hold athletes to standards they themselves would refust to live by.

    Hendo already got the insta title shot treatment before, let him beat a fellow title contender before he gets a shot at the belt.

  • agentsmith

    I don’t hold with the opinion that non-fighters can’t talk shit about fighters because we somehow haven’t earned the right… by that logic, no one should ever talk about any sport ever unless they’ve played it at a high level themselves.  And no one should talk about politics unless they’re a politician, or music unless they’re a musician, etc.

    Thankfully Dan didn’t really say that here, but like DJ pointed out, Dan’s “let me come heckle you” logic doesn’t hold water either.  Nobody’s interested in watching a regular person at work, and they sure as shit won’t pay good money for it.  If you want to be a sports star and have all the attention and fans and money that goes with it, then you simply have to accept that there will be criticism too.  It’s ridiculous when sports stars and celebrities act like they should receive nothing but positive public attention.

    That all being said… that guy sure got sat the fuck down.  And how does Moosawsee even get mentioned in this conversation?  The guy’s only SF fight since losing the title to King Mo was a draw against Keith Jardine for fuck sakes.  King Mo or even OSP deserve a shot before he does.  But I agree that unless Zuffa just doesn’t give a fuck about SF anymore, Hendo should have to defend his title at least once or twice before he comes back to the UFC.

  • glassjawsh

    dear dumbass dan –

    the reason you are allowed to fight is because WE FUCKING PAY TO SEE IT – we can say whatever we want about you because you literally have a livelyhood because of us

    – keyboard warriors everywhere

  • Omomatta

    I agree with Jawshy.

    It’s like an IT guy bitching at you because you downloaded porn and contracted a virus onto the network. If you didn’t have a fetish for amputee porn, he would be out of a job. Okay, not exactly, but kinda.

  • frickshun

    ^^Why back down?? I was totes buying into your metaphor!!

  • Blackula Jonez

    The jackals have spoken: The customer, along with always being right, is beyond reproach and can do whatever they fucking please because they are paying their hard earned money.

    You know since every mma fan watching strikeforce fights all have subscriptions to Showtime, right? Does buying a ticket to an event give you the right to throw feces into the cage if the fight isn’t to your liking?

    Or maybe I am the dumbass for thinking Nick Diaz was the only delusional figure in mma.

    I can get behind someone defending their comments via the 1st amendment, but to sit back and say “well I paid my money so I can say what I want” is just fucking silly since more than half of the people talking shit pirate mma on the regular in the first fucking place. If all these paying customers are bitching at Dan than why didn’t the army of mma fans with their showtime subscriptions have such a poor showing in their ratings not to mention how empty the audience was at the U.S. Bank Arena.

    Want to talk shit go ahead, but please don’t hide behind the notion that your dollars give you the right to voice opinions.

  • agentsmith

    Settle down, no one’s saying fans have the right to spew whatever bullshit they want.  But neither should anyone feel they don’t have the right to state their opinion.

    And it’s not like the poster in question didn’t have a valid point.  He’s wan’t just hammering out shit like “HENDO IZ TEH SUXXORZ!!!!!!!!!!!11one”

  • FiveBoltMain

    last time hendo fought at 185, he got dry humped by shields. jake fucking shields!! who has hendo beaten that warrants a rematch with andy? babalu? feijao? fedor? nigga plz!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    BJ Ownz: Does buying a ticket to an event give you the right to throw feces into the cage if the fight isn’t to your liking?

    Once again …

    Thunderthighs: At least Seinfeld was funny about it and had the reasoning of someone coming to your public job and disrupting you while you do it

    C’mon son.  No one is throwing anything into Dan’s ring while he works.  Dana (and apparently Hendo) constantly monitors fan reaction online, especially on Twitter. Those fan’s speak their feelings on fights.  Methinks that’s the real issue here.  Dan doesn’t like it right now, but I’m sure he loves all the pirates who loved the Bisping KO and wanted him to smash it to Andy, courtesy of Amurrica.  Plus fuck that butt-monkey Jake Shields, amirite?*

    Naw – He’s being a bitch.

    Maybe his cycles off right now and his estro’s outta whack.  It’ll pass in a week.  Maybe not, but if it doesn’t – just like that schmuck on the UG – he’ll be right to voice his opinion on his own public-opinion-dependent career.

    * – EDIT: Holy shit, FiveBolt, I wrote that before I saw yer comment – thanks for the assist.

  • Monstrosity

    yes we all have the right to talk shit. especially when were Anons on the UG. but don’t get butt hurt when the person you say doesn’t deserve a title shot, gets mad and says you’re wrong.

    i don’t agree with everything Dan said. especially the part about Anderson ducking him. but hey that guy should have expected a response. hell with the UG 99.5% chance he got exactly what he wanted. a response of any kind. bottom line Dan could kill him with 1 punch. and that is all that matters.

  • Billytk

    Unless Henderson can redeem himself for getting owned by a WW I have no interest in seeing him in title contention at MW or LHW

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Shut up Billy, he can punch you in the FACE!

  • iamphoenix

    the internet would cease to exist if we couldn’t talk shit about things.

  • frickshun

    I’m talking shit…..while taking a shit……right now!!

  • G Funk

    What Thingvolds said. I read some far out reasoning comments on this one.

  • Letibleu

    What if dan was trolling so that we would all talk about Dan and his title shot? I just spent 5 minutes and poked around on other MMA sites and they all have an article on this story followed by a slew of comments resembling those in this thread… Dan was successful in my opinion.

  • iamphoenix

    ^no. show me where someone wrote what i wrote and if you could do that then i’ll stop having the biebs as my permanent avatar… who am i kidding…i can’t stop beliebing.


  • agentsmith

    ^ Why is Viggo Mortensen in that pic? I didn’t know he was in that band.

  • Blackula Jonez

    For the record (just in case anybody got shit twisted)

    I don’t think Hendo should walk into an instant title shot be it Andy or Bones

    Losing to Jake Sheilds sucked but then going on to defeat Babalu, Feijao and Fedor via stoppage makes up for it in my book.

    Fans can talk all the shit they want, but please don’t hide behind the “I payed, so I can say what I want” arguement. That shit is dumb.

    Beiber is hella hung.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ youre a smart guy mr jazz band Player I don’t get your reasoning on this. you are disregarding the people who do pay because others don’t? that’s as silly as calling all black people jazz band players

  • Letibleu

  • CAP

    Dan needs to be in the UFC. Belieb that!

  • Blackula Jonez

    Its the notion that your purchase gives you the right to have an opinion that I find dumb, along with the fact that a significant portion of the fanbase pirate fights.


    Its a two pronged argument. I don’t know who came up with the jazz band player thing ( i think Phoenix started it) but it makes me chuckle every single time.

  • G Funk

    Black, nobody got your chit twisted, you’re just repeating yourself now.If you’d focus more on practicing your trumpet you’d be a successful jazz band member.

  • iamphoenix

    I STARTED THE JAZZ BAND PLAYER AND JOAN BUTTERS AND RYAN FIGHTLINKER then it turned into Hyan Fightlinker because someone called him Hyan one day and i was like lololol he’s bro-zillion.

  • G Funk

    ^ It is I who calls the Canadian FL Hyan sometimes RyOn.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ don’t take credit for the butters thing. to be perfectly honest, joan did that to himself with his adorable naivity. i just pointed it out to everyone

  • frickshun

    I started Butters you faggots. Phoenigga decided to meld Joan to it since some old school Jackals refer to him that way…..

    And here @ work, I’m not allowed to call blacks Jazz Band Players. I have to refer to them as “The People That George Bush Doesn’t Care About.”

  • G Funk

    ^ I dispute your claim as the giver of the name butters. I recall the posts in which slackey undoubtedly stated that through his time reading Joan’s posts his mental picture had increasingly became that of Butters of South Park. And so, it began. At that time Joan Butters said he liked the idea as Butters, “kicks ass”, “is awesome” and he, “loves butters”. And so he changed his avatar from dragon art to toy fufu lap dog to anime faggotry to his current avatar of Butters.

    And that my dear jackals was how “butters” became…

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Its the notion that your purchase gives you the right to have an opinion that I find dumb

    Fuck you, pay me? Hahahaha.  Being alive gives you a right to an opinion.

    And for the record you faux-jackal dipshits, Omo made Butters.  Just ask his mom.

  • iamphoenix

    i wasn’t claiming butters. just combining joan and butters together.

    we need FL legal department…i smell a lawsuitz.