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Dan Henderson is dumb, part 2

Is there a bigger bonehead in the UFC than Dan Henderson right now? Dan Henderson, who refuses to drop down to middleweight. Dan Henderson, who wants more money despite the fact that all he’s done is be dominated by Quinton Jackson. Dan Henderson, who thinks he beat Jackson in that fight.

Dan Henderson, who isn’t interested in fighting Tito Ortiz because ‘Tito isn’t the road back to a rematch with Rampage’. Dan Henderson, who doesn’t realize beating Tito Ortiz is all he has to do to get ‘on the in’ with the average US fans. Dan Henderson, who doesn’t realize he’s completely and totally expendable at this point and time. Dan Henderson, who’s also ‘managing’ Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, another fighter who can’t seem to land himself a contract in any organizations right now. Hmmm, I wonder why.

Lookit: I’m not disagreeing with Dan Henderson’s point that UFC fighters aren’t getting paid what they should. But Dan Henderson isn’t one of the guys who should be talking right now because Dan is one of those overpaid PRIDE guys who haven’t managed to win a fight in the UFC yet. These guys are the root of a lot of the angst going around with veteran UFC fighters. In fact, I heard some guy named Randy actually quit over this stuff. How about that, huh?

On the other hand, trying to get Dan to sign a contract with the verbal addendum of “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you” is pretty shifty of Dana White, and this is yet another one of the big issues with the UFC’s pay structure. Relying on the goodwill of your boss to give you bonuses is no way to live a life, and while it’s nice that the UFC is known for handing out the cash on a regular basis, I doubt there’d be many fighters who would be against upping the general payscale and removing random secret bonuses from the equation.

Of course, they aren’t about to say that shit in public because … well, it probably sucks when the secret random bonuses stop. Dan Henderson … I’m not giving him a hard time for daring to stand up for himself. I’m giving him a hard time because he has a very inflated idea of his value and worth in the current market.

  • ted dibiase

    dan wasnt dominated by rampage.

    dan hasnt won a match in the ufc yet? wow. good point.

    why should he drop down in weight? LHW gets more money, he went toe to toe with Rampage for 5 rds. who in the UFC has done that yet?

    whats up with you lately man? is garth writing for you now?

  • Audacity

    Is Dan Henderson getting his advice from the IFL?

  • Audacity

    Ted: Dan Henderson arguably won 1 or 2 rounds–2 in my opinion–so any way you slice it, he still lost to Rampage. Dominated or not, he’s 0-1 in the UFC. Therefore, current UFC fans won’t see him as 13-5 in PRIDE, just 0-1. You could argue that with Dan’s showing nine years ago that he is 2-1 in the UFC, but that’s reaching back pretty far.

    As far as Henderson coming out and losing…it’s awkward to beat a fighter in the cage, and then lose to him financially. Jadine made 16k (plus mysterious bonuses) for beating Chuck, while Chuck can retire on a cold, hard $500,000. That’s why his loss made it hard to justify a contract of even more money.

    Let’s see…which division should a man who dangles between MW and LHW fight for? The Stacked LHW division or the dead MW division that has MacDonald/Okami as the next potential title challenger?

  • Rollo the Cat

    Dan was far from dominated and I could make a good case he won that match. I do think he lost but only because Jackson played the rules and the bonehead judges better. Henderson is the superior fighter and 7/10 would win that match.

    In fact, Dan is a true superstar and legend of the sport in terms of performance every bit as much as Randy. Hendo left the UFC years ago and spent most of his career fighting wars in Japan, out of the eye of mainstream America. Hendo is worth much money.

  • ted dibiase

    i dont think he won the fight by any means, you gotta take the title. not decision it. but the fight was fairly close. no way in hell he was dominated. no one in the ufc has lasted five rds with rampage. so why should he fight at MW? so he can hold a belt? im sure he’d rather take the higher pay stubs. Dan is getting old and he wants big money fights.

    big money fights = wandy, rampage, chuck, shogun.


  • Audacity

    Money comes with the belt, as well as prestige. With Henderson as the former PRIDE welterweight [middleweight] champion (I say former because with the company no longer existing, neither do their belts), the CHAMPION vs CHAMPION angle that they used for UFC 75 would also bring in big bucks for the Henderson/Anderson Silva fight. Outside of Paulo Filho, Dan probably has the best shot at taking Silva’s crown. Sorry, Rich.

  • ted dibiase

    of course the ufc wants dan at MW so they could work the champion vs champion angle to death again. plus theyd accomplish their goal of having a white poster boy holding a belt.

    but anyone who says theyd rather see dan fight anderson silva rather than the top LHW class is retarded.

    prestige is nothing. and rich & anderson dont make LHW money

    dan wants a big pay day before he retires. HELLO! MCFLY!

  • Rollo the Cat

    “i dont think he won the fight by any means, you gotta take the title. not decision it.”

    Total myth not backed up by anything. You have to win. Decision, KO or submission. How many title changes have happened by decision? Plenty. What you are stating is a boxing myth that started probably becasue of corruption in the business.

  • Jemaleddin

    Did everybody take stupid pills before they watched UFC 75? Dan got beat up in that fight. Dan spent more time being controlled than controlling. Dan did nothing to make anyone think he won.

    I’m no Rampage-fanboy (I’m a Mayhem Monkey, thanks), but the best thing you can say about Dan in that fight is that he survived. Dan is too small to be a contender in the LHW division.

    In the spirit of stupid, here’s my prediction: when and if Wandy fights Rampage, we discover that he’s a little too small for LHW and ought to drop down as well. Happy?

  • garth

    Ah, ted. You’re like a fine wine. A fine wine made of urine.

  • pf

    Great fighter. hell of a chin.

  • MJC_123

    If I went to work and did my job well but still failed to hit my targets I would not expect a pay rise.
    Thats what Henderson did against Jackson….Hence Dana is right

  • godzillad

    Hendo is 2-1 in the UFC.

  • fightlinker

    Yeah, because people care what he did years ago. The point stands.

  • Rollo the Cat

    “If I went to work and did my job well but still failed to hit my targets I would not expect a pay rise.
    Thats what Henderson did against Jackson….Hence Dana is right”

    Fine, let him walk and see how right Dana is.

  • Rollo the Cat

    BTW, Dana is not right, just in case you didn’t get the tone of my post.

  • Cyrus

    That fight was a fucking war. Dan earned his money, certainly more than Chuck Liddell did in his fight against Rampage. WTF is wrong with you. Stop tearing down great fighters for useless ass reasons.

  • ajadoniz

    I think wins and losses should be counted as percentages, kinda like check this out: close decisions equal 50/50. Early KO’s equal 100%. Later KO’s equal from 70-90%. Lop-sided decisions equal 60-80%. All of the percentages would be averaged out and the final result would be a score that shows how effective a fighter is. Code-monkies, get to work!

  • Thorazine

    The next post should be “FIGHTER LINK IS DUMB”….

    Henderson is following along with Randy and if other fighters start taking their stands it may be a domino effect. Paydays will go up… unfortunately for fans so will PPV rates. As far as fighting talent, there’s no way Henderson is overrated… I do agree he should whip Tito’s arse first, then move on… however, this is the time to take a stand for himself, right after Randy took his, it’s the bigger UFC picture.

    The UFC blew it by offering FEDOR so much money$$$… now all the champion caliber fighters have a standard of measurement to go by. That’s the best point that can be made. Before they could only really go off what figures they had seen. Now that they have seen Fedor’s amount, they know it is DAMN well possible and they had been held out on (including Dan Henderson). The uprising has begun, Dana better be careful not to let this spin out of control.

    People pay to see the events, its to see the best fighters in the world. Its been a fact for the last 2 years that UFC has been taking in the most dollars on pay-per-view and admission ticket sales over boxing but the profits aren’t being shared across the board. The Randy Effect may continue to have financial impact on the UFC with many top fighters seeing this as an opportunity to negotiate with authority.

    On another note, Henderson is soooo’ tough to square off with Rampage in a fist slinging brawl and win the 1st round and then go the distance. Henderson got tired, eventually handling a bigger rampage got to his cardio and in turn Henderson got handled. He wasn’t dominated by Rampage, he was however ‘controlled’ big difference, there were a number of moments in the fight where Henderson was turning it around, but Rampage countered back. He didn’t get beat up like in Rampage vs Liddel 1 and then KO’d like Rampage vs Liddell 2… Henderson is an extremely exciting fighter (he’s really 185lbs size)… if he’s not already a big draw… he will be.

  • garth

    cyrus: excellent point about chuck, though i disagree with you telling someone to stop voicing their opinion on their blog. not only was dan’s performance better than chuck’s in the rampage fight (which as a flash knockout wasn’t much of a display of relative skill), but the followup fight with jardine, where chuck came out with zero game plan and got picked to tiny pieces. his ribs looked like they were going to fall out of his torso.
    I think Chuck is an impressive fighter, but no one wins on talent alone…Chuck showed it, and Dan showed it too. He lost because he came in loose with a very general game plan (obviously, thats just in my opinion. he could have been poring over blueprints of Rampage’s genetic makeup for weeks). His immense talent and athleticism made a freaking war out of it.
    Thorazine makes an extremely good point in that Henderson needs to fight Tito. Tito sells PPVs, Dan is a legitimate top 5 fighter in two weight classes, and I believe it would be an absolute war that Henderson would eventually win by KO, late. That is what UFC needs. Now, if Dan and Tito could do this fight for someone OTHER than the UFC….now things get interesting.

  • Cyrus

    garth: Obviously fightlinker can say whatever the fuck he wants. This is just the way I roll, I think he knows that. I’m not going to change my style up to suck up to him just caused he’s got a bad ass blog. And he’s tight enough to not ban ppl who say wtf they mean, which is rad. Obviously, if I wasn’t a fan, I wouldn’t be screaming at him all the time. I’d probably armbar a couple motherfuckers before I let them in the way of my lowblow radio show.

  • ajadoniz

    thor: you lost me at ‘Randy Effect’.

  • Thorazine


    “Randy Effect” same as “Domino Effect”…. metaphor….