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Dan Henderson may or may not be injured

(A recent picture of Hendo with a brace on his knee or something)

Rumors are swirling that Dan Henderson has fucked up his knee and may pull out of UFC 151. In the know guys like Kenny Florian are implying it’s so and Dana White has scheduled an announcement for 2pm today regarding the event. Maybe he’s going to come out and say everything is fine?????

Twitter reporter FrontRowBrian (who’s last knee injury report was shrouded in controversy) has details on Hendo’s alleged injury and how it came about:

@FrontRowBrian Rumor going around Hendo was injured by Thierry Sokoudjou at some point in this camp. Appears he’ll press on.. if he has to crawl to cage.

Someone described the brace Hendo is wearing as a “Stone Cold Steve Austin brace”.

This sounds pretty credible to me since Sokoudjou has a long history of accidentally ripping people’s knees to shreds in training. He’s done it to Kit Cope and Frank Shamrock and who knows how many other people over the years. We can only hope Brian is correct regarding Dan fighting regardless, even if he has to crawl to the cage. Dan is one crazy SOB. He fought Jake Shields with a back injury and lost badly because of it, but here he is willing to hobble into the cage against Jon Jones with a bum knee. Not very smart, but still badass. Or as Tim Credeur would say … WARRIOR.

  • TheButtStrangler


  • Letibleu

    Its 99% official, Dana announced for a special press conference conference call in less than 1 hour to make an announcement.


    PS: Wonder if Jones wishful thinking made this happen too…

  • randlemansvertical

    Pretty lame, I don’t want to see Hendo fight injured, bad enough he’s most likely going to get thrashed regardless of an injury but if he is going to fight I’d rather he be uninjured

  • Reverend Clint

    jones paid judo theirry to do it

  • TheButtStrangler


    Too bad there isn’t another fighter of Jones’ alleged level,
    who people have been wanting to see fight Jones,
    who doesn’t have anything scheduled for the rest of the year,
    who could step up and save the day.

    Oh tulips!

    Locking up Shogun and Gustaffson for fox already,
    in an almost cleared out division probably doesn’t leave many opportunities in case of an emergency either.

    Oh raspberries!

  • TheButtStrangler

    Reverend Clint your name makes me thing of anus with a priest. Letibleu and Cap you are homos, no homo.

    Oh lavender!

  • randlemansvertical

    jones vs telephone pole II

  • TheButtStrangler

    @ Rev,
    as Hyan pointed out Soukoudjo is notorious and has a history of this before Jones was even on the map.

    Jones wouldn’t have to help that along at all.

    And I’ve been saying for years that although Hendo is very talented personally,
    there is something lacking to his training/coaching style that has never fixed that about Soukoudjo.

    A lot of times natural athletes dont make good trainers because they never had to struggle themselves.

  • Drunkenjunk

    Hey Reverend Clint, Letibleu and CAP,
    I just figured out how to copy and paste!

    I learn new things everyday!

    And I’m going to be this many years old!

  • Filmdrunk

    By the way, what the fuck happened to Sokodjou? I know he couldn’t sustain his unstoppable juggernaut status, but even so, how does he go from that to losing to freakin’ Houston Alexander, and getting KO’d by Minowaman? The last few fights I’ve seen of his have been the most boring fights since Shamrock-Severns.

  • raizor

    Jeeze, UFC 151 cancelled apparently. Jones to fight Machida later in September (22nd or so). Yikes.

  • drunkenjunk

    shit’s canceled. Jones is a pussy.

  • TheButtStrangler

    cumjunkey, randlemansvertical, and CAP never appear at the same time!

    How very foxy!

  • TheButtStrangler

    I take that back,!
    CAP seems cool.

    Cumjunkey is spoofing again.

  • G Funk

    These new commenters are more annoying than HoNda Rousey.