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Dana Pull UPs

Continuing the UFC’s trend of building a Cult of Dana, here’s a somewhat strange video of El Baldo Presidente doing pull ups.

  • JessB

    Those are chin ups…not pull ups. Sooooo…12 chin ups, equals to 7-9 pull ups. *yawn*

  • Timmy T

    fyi – those aren’t pull-ups. And why?

  • MT

    Dana and his tough guy act are growing old. He is a POS that screws fighters worse than any other promotor in any sport. He makes Don King look like a good guy.

  • SandyRavage

    Dana did an interview with UFC tonight where Chael Sonnen asked how many pullups he thought he could do. Dana said he could do 15. I guess this is his video to “prove” it.

    Or chinups…whatever.