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Dana: Rampage ‘could have been so much more’

The relationship between Quinton Jackson and the UFC is strained to say the least, and there isn’t an interview Dana White can give on the mercurial fighter that isn’t liable to make things worse. Here’s Dana sounding like a disappointed teacher chiding an under-performing student:

“I think he could have been so much better if he applied himself,” White said Tuesday. “He had all the tools. Incredible chin, knockout power in both hands, incredible charisma and personality. Tell me Rampage Jackson wasn’t born to fight. Not only in his power, but his attributes, his wrestling, his chin, the list goes on and on.”

“If you look at the only movie he ever acted in, “The A-Team,” he did a great job in that movie,” White said. “If you look at all the guys who have tried to cross over into acting, Rampage is the only one who has ever done a good job at it. He’s actually a really good actor.”

“He’s crazy,” said White. “Rampage takes losses really hard, and, I don’t know, we’ll just see what happens, see how this thing plays out.”

“His potential could have been so much more. This is a crazy business, you always have these guys who think they’re getting screwed and this and that and everything else that’s happening. ‘Rampage’ wants to fight one more fight on his contract, and his last fight, and he’ll never make that money ever again for the rest of his life. A lot of those guys in the UFC don’t realize that until its too late.”

Rampage has been relatively quiet on twitter lately as he films a video for his Japanese rap single (seriously), but I’m sure he’ll hear about this and take it as a crazy diss. But what the hell is Dana White supposed to say? He speaks the truth, and it’s not his fault that makes Rampage look bad. Fact: Rampage took his eye off the fighting ball right when he was becoming one of the superstars of the sport. Now he wants out of the UFC because something something respect.

But what do we know? Two years from now, Quinton could be a Japanese rap superstar:

  • Giallo

    Rampage aint going nowhere he knows where the big bucks are.

  • TheWrongdoorWrangler


    Is that the new politically correct term for a retard?

  • Jarman

    No, it’s the new PC term for “crazy, unpredictable, nonsensical asshole with delusions of grandeur”

  • Blackula Jonez

    He has always been a bit nuts this is news to only the newest of fans.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    can rap about killing kids and ACTUALLY mean it

  • Jeremy

  • Rob

    All Rampage ever did was be a UFC champion, unify the UFC and PRIDE titles, put together a highlight real of knockouts at the highest level of the sport, knock out Chuck Liddell in his prime twice, and build up a big international fanbase.  What a waste of potential.

  • iamphoenix

    ^how tastes rampage’s peepee?

  • frickshun

    Rob doesn’t get it. There are 2 guys I always watch holding my breath b/c I expect something spectacular to happen: Rampage & BJ. Take a look @ their fights & tell me the last time either of them didn’t disappoint. Go ahead……I’ll wait.