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Dana White catches you up with this mega pre-fight media scrum

Dana White catches you up with this mega pre-fight media scrum

Everything you need to know from Dana White’s 45 minute pre-fight media scrum is right here care of /r/mma’s jmose86:

  • “Roy and I are talking” – speaking about Roy Jones Jr. Dana mentioned in another interview that he will be at the fight, but any prospect of him fighting Silva in the future is unknown.
  • Silva is easy to deal with. Dana equates him to an artist, where he’s quirky sometimes with his wants, but Silva is easy to work with.
  • On Munoz bouncing back from period of depression: Doesn’t surprise him that he overcame it. Praises the resilience of Munoz and fighters in general.
  • Reporter says Leben didn’t look ready to fight this week: Dana says he hadn’t spoken with him and that’s probably just Leben and the layoff. He always comes to fight.
  • On Vitor’s place in the division: He’s looked great lately, but it’s hard to make a rematch with him and Silva if Silva beats Weidman because Silva is in twilight years and looking for more legacy type fights as opposed to a rematch with a guy he beat handily. Dana doesn’t rule it out but it’s not the most likely fight or the one Silva would want.
  • It will be a sad day when Silva retires.
  • If Weidman wins, the rematch could be in Jersey. Then again the rematch could be anywhere.
  • Praises Silva’s longevity given his age which is a testament to his talent and a big variable on everyone’s mind each time he fights.
  •     Werdum asked Dana for a fight with Cormier the other day. Nothing confirmed though.
  •     Right now Dana doesn’t regret that the Silva vs. Jones or Silva vs. GSP superfight hasn’t happened, but if neither has happened 2 years from now then he would regret it. It’s an ongoing effort to make one of them happen.
  • Rematch guaranteed if Silva loses.
  • “Have you ever thought about Shogun dropping to MW for a superfight with Silva?”: Uh, No.
  • Thinks GSP doesn’t really want the Silva fight
  • Rousey/Tate announced for UFC 168, but not sure if it’s the main event.
  • Hasn’t seen Mayhem Miller’s twitter assaults at him over the past week. Doesn’t care.
  • Silva has asked him to make one of the superfights (in a call awhile back), but Dana won’t specify which.
  • On rumored live event in Manchester in November: “It’s a pretty good rumor” (nodding and smiling)
  • Looking at future event in South Africa, but also looking everywhere like usual. No plans.
  • On mention of MMA terms in Zimmerman trial: Doesn’t worry about it.
  • On plans for Russia: He and Lorenzo making a trip there soon. Something in the works but doesn’t elaborate except to say that it doesn’t involve Fedor.
  • On proposed fighter pay changes: Idea floating around is to eliminate all bonuses, not just OTN bonuses.
  • They like the bonus system because it rewards guys who deliver great fights.
  • Continues fighter pay discussion for several minutes. Rehashing same talking point presented in past. You have to earn your pay. Some guys just aren’t going to cut it.
  • Issue with foreign fighters on UFC FS1 Boston card is sorted out. Nick Ring was taken off card because of documentation issue. (2 other guys pulled from that card this week due to reported injuries but he doesn’t specify if that was the real reason for them as well)
  • The Massachusetts law was unknown to the UFC last time they had a fight there and it wasn’t an issue. So when a state representative says that the UFC knew about it last time that’s just them covering their ass because they didn’t enforce it last time and are just now starting to due to the marathon bombing.
  • The UFC always has and always will go by the book when it comes to getting fights done legally.
  • Praises Silva for a long while.


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