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Dana White for President


In case you didn’t notice, Chuck’s wearing a “Dana White for President” shirt. Coming soon: “Impeach Dana White” shirts. Also note the guy next to Chuck holding that girl like he’s about to break her neck. Putting your girlfriend in chokeholds is charming. Also note that Chuck is always bringing the same girl out to all the functions. But that doesn’t stop him from bringing her plus 2 others home with him. And that’s why he’s THE MAN.

  • Captain

    I don’t even know what to say about the shirt.

    That chick’s got forehead for days though.

  • fightlinker

    Yeah, she’s starting to look a bit cooked lately. She needs to lay off the peroxide and tanning, use a good exfoliating cream and start from a natural base again.


  • Lifer

    she(intentional) all kinds of ugly. chuck.. wtf? who’s this dickbag riding the man’s coattails? chuck you got your arm around the wrong bitch.

  • Captain

    In keeping with the animal theme (i.e. horseface) I nominate Chuck’s girl as dolphinhead.

  • Xavier

    So do you wanna be a fucking cabinet minister?

    Yes, I think I would vote for Dana White if it meant we got “The Ultimate Secretary” I want to see Robert Reich have to fight Dirk Kempthorne for the labor post!

  • Lifer

    oompa-loompa-esque. she better look good naked.

  • fightlinker

    oh you know she’s a freak. whatever points she loses for not being a perfect barbie doll she makes up for probably being a smart funny dirty sexaholic who loves beer, sports, and all other man things.

    She’s got to be truly amazing for Liddell to keep her around when he’s surrounded by so much retardo poon

  • Big D D

    Isn’t that Chuck’s sister? Hey Chuck your sister is pretty cute.

  • fightlinker

    Jake likes Chuck’s mom

  • dignan

    Is that the lead singer of THE WORST FUCKING BAND IN THE WORLD, Smashmouth?

    If it is, Chuck can go suck a dick.

  • mmaninja

    ha, I must have been one of Dana’s late night ideas. “hmm, me for president! I’m sending the shirts to everyone on my good list first thing in the morning!”

  • CrazySpic

    she looks like a slow adult

  • JYAG

    She got an 8 head

  • esther

    re: #7 by Fightlinker
    Ditto on that. Most of us regular girls have to make up for our homely qualities with talents (just like most people, actually), be it intelligence, humor, or being a good lay.