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Dana White gives Chael Sonnen a mandate to ramp up his verbal assault on Jon Jones

Following Dana White’s statement that if enough people want to see a Jones/Sonnen fight, he’d have to make it happen, Sonnen now has a divine mandate to relentlessly fuck with Jon Jones. In his latest Twitter-bomb, Sonnen says:

“Hey Jon, What do you think will cost more? Your hospital tab or the settlement you made with the two broads from the backseat?”

Ouch! Nothing like keeping a wound of alleged infidelity open to entice a guy into a fight. Jones, if you recall, had two babes with him when he crashed his car and got a DUI. More than likely they were just Bible study buddies, but perception is easily sold as reality. And by taking this route Chael is getting down and dirty, knowing damn well Jones’ girlfriend/baby mama reads his Twitter, and with every jab, every mention of the “broads,” she makes Jones’ life just a little bit more miserable.

This is the mad genius of Chael Sonnen. It’s not just about pushing buttons. It’s about pushing the right buttons. And with his mandate tucked securely in his back pocket, you can be sure Chael will continue his attack until Jones either agrees to fight him or is booted out of his home.

  • iamphoenix

    now chael is awesome because i want to see jon jones crash and burn.

  • frickshun

    Average fighter. Superhuman marketing powers. Love Chael!!

  • mobius

    it may just be my hatred of jones, but this could be Chaels finest hour!

  • Reverend Clint

    best quote yet. Keep rubbing salt in his jesus gash

  • DAQ

    Chael Sonnen shouldn’t be anywhere close to a title shot. Of course he’d get systematically dismantled by Jones, but awarding him a championship fight based on one victory at LHW would infringe upon the integrity of the UFC while setting a perilous precedent: histrionics outside of the octagon can supersede the quality of performances within the octagon when it comes to determining number one contenders. I’m cognizant of the economic implications of the fight, but it’d really be a vast departure from Zuffa’s model in establishing MMA as a mainstream sport.

  • agentsmith

    ^ Indubitably, good sir, indubitably.

  • noiseless

    this is why i’m a huge big homo for sonnen. adonis.

  • poo champ

    Dumb fight, trash words. This is where the UFC get weird. This kind of thing shouldn’t determine who fights who.