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Dana White promises New York for 2012

I’d gotten kinda tired of Dana White promising every season of TUF has the best fights ever, but I’ll never fault him on his optomism for New York legalization: How close are you getting to having MMA sanctioned in New York?

Dana White:  Real close.  It’s going to happen and I guarantee it’s going to happen this year.

The UFC’s line is that a Vegas union has put it’s political power against passing the bill, which has kept it from being called to the floor for a voite. It’s something that’s not too hard to imagine considering this Union also sent out a press release calling the UFC homophobic leading up to their FOX debut. And then there’s that website they made devoted to Dana White’s potty mouth. Basically, the UFC has a troll … a well connected and very dedicated troll. Sorry, two trolls.

It has been three years now that the UFC has been playing this legislative game, and three years the bill has timed out somewhere short of the finish line. They have been getting closer and closer every year though, and you figure after this many years of finagling they’ve finally figured out how to butter enough bureaucrats up to get this done.

  • iamphoenix

    Somewhere soon butters will be in new york…

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Fox, formerly Buffalo UTV, is a New York based company full of greasy, unethical republicans. Those fuckers will have the resources to grease the right wheels and push the process. With all the accolades that White and co have been receiving in the sports business world (as of late) they should have the majority of politicians convinced this time out.

  • frickshun

    ^^Then we shall dance!!

  • Giallo

    What the fuck does a vegas union have to do with new york. Wasn’t it already reported that the employees don’t want to join the stupid union? What a bunch of despicable douches

  • CAP

    Unfit For Children.

  • felipemlo

    uhm I’ve actually met both of them at a fan expo and at UFC gym oepinng smart guy. I’m not saying i KNOW them, but I definantly got a vibe from them. I strongly feel Brittney is way cooler as a person. I actually talked to her for a few minutes about some bands we both like.

  • ykcmcqbwwnv

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