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Dana White says TUF 14 is great great great

Back in the day there wasn’t a new season of The Ultimate Fighter coming out that Dana White wasn’t willing to hype to the moon, saying they were the best craziest most awesome action packed drama laden seasons ever. He’s been less vocal about the past three seasons, going so far as to actually agree with fans at a Q&A that TUF 13 kinda sucked. But with TUF 14 right around the corner (it’s debuting on September 14th), he’s starting to sound pretty excited again:

“You guys have heard me say when I think a season is going to be a great season,” White told ( over the weekend. “This is a great season, great season. Never in the history of the show have we done a two-hour first episode. That’s how good these fights are. You guys know me and the way that think and how I am. You think I would ever put on a two-hour fights to get into the house if the fights weren’t amazing? This season is awesome.”

Whaddaya think? More mindless hype? Ratings grab ploy to trick us into once again tuning into another stinker? Let me remind you that this is a guy who said the UK season had some of the best fights ever and TUF 9 had ‘the next Anderson Silva.’ But when you consider the fact that we’ve got bantamweights and featherweights AND two of the kookiest coaches in the history of the UFC, I think we can be a little hopeful. In my mind it will be 45 minutes of Mayhem Miller mugging and Bisping being a wanker followed by 15 minutes of WEC level action. Sounds like a recipe for awesome to me.

  • agentsmith

    All I’m thinking is that a 2-hr first episode doesn’t automatically mean that it’s twice as awesome… just that they’re trying to change some things up, but of course without changing the actual format of the show.

    I’ll watch it like I always do, but I’m not buying Dana’s “no it’s really awesome this time, I swear” hype.

  • noiseless

    go mayhem

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Dana:  Best season EVUH!

    I’m looking forward to seeing Mayhem and Bisping fight, so I’m hoping for some good cattiness from these two.  And this time Mayhem can harass someone in his own weightclass.

  • frickshun

    I skipped last season entirely for the 1st time ever. I’ll watch the new season.

  • iamphoenix

    i don’t remember the last season i watched. how many seasons have they done in 2 years? that many. however many 2 years worth of seasons. is someone counting? glassjawsh go count. right meow. do it.

  • Letibleu

    You all know that when someone volunteerly says “im not a liar, your can trust me” that it actually always means “I am a liar, keep your children and your money away if you want them to stay untouched”.


  • Symbul

    It’s probably not going to be worse than the recent seasons, at least.

  • Komodo

    I would’ve liked to have seen Sonnen troll Bisping into a mental ward, but Miller will definitely bring the funnies as well.

  • Night Rider

    @ Frick….. same here, War Mayhem

  • G Funk

    Is that “war(insert random name here)” a Canadian thang?

  • CAP

    ^War circle jerks