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Dana White VS his eyebrows

Here’s a picture of evil mastermind Dana White. Man, for someone without hair on his head, he sure has some fuzzy eyebrows. Let this photo be a reminder to you Dana that even between seasons of the Ultimate Fighter, you should get those caterpillars clipped.

This is just one of several shots taken at UFC72 by Mark Leetch. I encourage you to check out the others, especially the one of the ring girls (bow chicka wow wow).

  • Jonathan

    Make fun of Dana White should be MMAs next great pastime.

  • Mike O

    huh? his eyebrows are too thick for you and you suggest he trim them? wtf? who gives a shit about the thickness of his eyebrows?

  • fightlinker

    I thought it was a nice variation on the “Dana is fat/bald/shitgrinning” thing.

  • Mike O

    IMO men should only shave their eyebrows if they have a unibrow. anything else is metrosexual.

    how about some discussion on whats going down for the finale?

  • fightlinker

    I’m actually announcing a contest tonight on the site for the finale … winner who predicts the most fights gets a ‘Hard as Fuck’ tshirt. Will make a post tonight.

  • Ryan

    Too bad one is porking Dirty Sanchez and the other “Closet Gay” Burkman.