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Dana White when he was a kid

We’ve seen high school yearbook Dana, but these shots from TheGarv are the first pictures showing the Baldfather when he was just a little kid. After the jump: a video featuring a buttload of other ‘When they were kids’ pics of fighters. The list includes Alistair Overeem, Machida, War Machine, Junie Browning, Fedor, Kimbo, Gina Carano, and my personal favorite: 90’s hip hop Mac Danzig.

  • Mal666

    WOW Dana has had herpes alot over the years dam … Maybe he shouldn`t be licking the urinal cake s anymore

  • agentsmith

    I loved Tito as the feral child in “The Road Warrior”.

  • fightlinker

    My bet is he smashed his face up, look at the honker of a gash on his nose.

  • Mal666

    see i thought that to but look at the pic with the guy with his hands around his neck he has it there to lmao …. just kidding …

  • Zurich

    Whoa GSP looks like a different person with hair!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I didn’t get Vitor, Minowa, Rampage, or Mayhem.

  • agentsmith

    No kidding, I totally didn’t get Rampage either… partly because he was wearing a graduation outfit.

  • Blackula Jonez

    rampage was surprising, i got cro cop and bas at the very last second before the reveal. GSP is almost unrecognizable without hair and as a kid and teenager.

  • agentsmith

    Male model Bas was my favorite.

    “Is there more to life than being really really really good-looking?”

  • frickshun


  • bosswell

    Oh fuck, Agent Smith’s on a roll here. First the Road Warrior comment, then the graduation crack. Fuckin’ funny

  • WASP

    Looks like a cool kid. What happened?