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Dana’s keepin it real

  • The Citizen

    This man is a jackass.

  • Gruntled

    It’s unhealthy to spend this much energy observing another man.

  • fightlinker

    It’s not just one man … it’s a whole mens only sport! YEAH!

  • Amy Robinson

    hahaha, I saw that and was counting the hours until some site called him on it. and you thought Lauzon was a goof.

  • Thomas

    That Dana White is SOOOOO Cool.

  • Xavier

    We were cracking up over that shirt during the weigh-in highlights on the PPV. What the fuck was he thinking? “Oh yeah, this is a totally badass shirt, Run DMC is fucking awesome even though one of them is dead and the rest are all music executives!”

    Next weigh-in he needs to break out the Kool Moe Dee gear.

  • Ted Dibaise

    so youre turning into Joan Rivers now?

  • shoutfan

    Dana is such a stud.

  • c-ing_red


  • operator

    The mans last name is White so I have to think that this is a joke. I bet he lost a bet with rampage. Then again maybe he is a fan and he is keepin it real.

  • marshal

    Much better than Affliction or TapOut ware. He does what he wants, without concerning or over thinking the public perception. Admirable! Only because he continues to grow the sport. Don’t get too eccentric fuck (Nazi regime / Satanist / Jesus Saves stuff).

  • fightlinker
  • kentyman

    It’s tricky to dress yourself, to dress yourself, that’s right no help, it’s tricky.