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Daniel Cormier proves he’s the real deal

Daniel Cormier just shocked the world – or at least the world of PRIDE fanboys – by blanking Josh Barnett on two out of three judges’ cards. A third judge gave Josh one round, possibly out of pity. It’s hard to believe this is the same Daniel Cormier that stunk it up against Jeff Monson less than a year ago. Even harder when you learn that he broke his hand again in the first round.

The Cormier we saw last night proved that the Cormier who blitzed through Antonio Silva was no fluke. He was too fast, hit too hard, and mixed up his attacks too well for Barnett to do much more than try to duck dodge dip and dive for cover. Even on the ground, Cormier managed to stay out of danger to deliver punishing ground and pound that left Barnett pulped up and bleeding.

It will be interesting to see what happens next for the SF HWGP winner. There’s that stupid +1 fight to consider, but who is he going to fight now that there’s no one left in the Strikeforce heavyweight division? At least the promotion has several months to figure this out. Cormier is headed into surgery to fix up his hand, and who knows if Strikeforce will even still be around by the time he’s ready to come back?

Bad news for Women’s MMA, but not bad for Cormier. He deserves to move over to the UFC, and if he keeps performing like he did last night he might be fighting for the heavyweight title sooner rather than later. If he can stop breaking his hands on his opponents’ faces, that is.

  • scissors61

    Cormier fights a lot like Fedor did in his pomp, even down to the constantly broken hands. It’s a shame that he’s already 33 years old, but I’m interested to see him in the UFC. Didn’t he make a statement that he’d drop to LHW rather than face Cain, though? He might make a very interesting opponent for Jon Jones.

  • Mike Winklejohnson

    I thank Cormier for shutting up the PRIDE fanboys. If you weren’t indoctrinated by Pride you would think Barnett is just good, and he got exposed here, like most other pride fighters. 

  • Jenny Talia

    “Pride fanboys”? I guess the current UFC fanboys are too young to remember when Josh was the HW champion of their organization.

  • TheRimReaper

    I could explain to you why you’re a weeaboo twit,

    but instead I’ll simply reiterate the fact that girls and MMA dont mix.

    Stick to pokemon little lady.

  • TheRimReaper

    Really, did Cormier let a stink against Monson?

    I’ve never seen that one.
    There’s to much porn to see to watch a Monson fight.

    But thats interesting since they say that Jones also looked turrible against Bonner.

    (I haven’t seen that one either. Porn>Bonner fights.)

  • Reverend Clint

    im a pride fan boy but was not shocked even a little. Josh is way past his prime and has been fighting shitty fighters like fodor has.

  • Symbul

    It’s just a terrible style matchup for Barnett. Cormier’s wrestling is way too good for Barnett to worry him with takedowns and Barnett’s striking, while okay, isn’t anything special.

    Cormier’s striking is seriously good for being a wrestling convert.

  •!/JHScramble Jim Harbaugh Scramble

    besides Cormier, Dana white had to be the happiest person with this result.  Now he can keep Barnett out of the UFC and bring in an interesting HW challenger.  I don’t think that stupid +1 fight will happen for Cormier.  Just bring him to the UFC.  Not like there are any Strikeforce heavies to fight, anyway. 

    As for Barnett, guess he can fight Tim Sylvia in a regional show.  Maybe that Fedor fight can happen too.

  • TheRimReaper

    Lol, I’m just finally watching this fight right now (wasn’t in a hurry), and I’m gonna have to beg to differ.

    Cormier doesn’t look all that great IMO.

    He’s heavy handed and balanced.

    I dont think he’s going to be cutting through the UFC HW’s with a chainsaw to soon.

    I’d bet a few bucks on Bigfoot Silva in a rematch.

    But he still kicked barnetts ass because barnett is even more over-rated by far.

  • kwagnuth

    Speed, power, good wrestling, picked up Josh flipped him over like a fuckin child, enough cardio to go five rounds and not look half dead, takedown defence, a good chin. He is obviouldy strong mentally as well because he didn’t seem intiminated by the more experienced and overhyped Barnett. Like scissors said too bad he’s not 23 instead of 33 but I definately think he would mix it up good in the ufc HW or LHW.

  • OlyReigns

    How is no one gonna say anything about the announcing. It was fucking unlistenable. I literally turned the sound off multiple times it was getting so douchy. Sick of those three buffoons.

  • kvelertak

    In this sport if you fight nobodies and train with nobodies you won’t keep moving up.

    Mix that in with advancing age and youve got problems.

    Barnett stayed away from the game too long.

  • Mike Winklejohnson

    Jenny Talia, I guess you are too young to remember that Jens Pulver was also champ, etc. etc. , where are they now. Point is, back then u don’t have to be that good to be champ.

  • Blackula Jonez

    DC is the real deal, it was kind of sad watching Barnetto get put into old man territory.

    Maybe we can now get that Fedor vs Barnett fight to happen?

  • iamphoenix

    black people are like this. white people are like that.

  • frickshun

    Heavyweight is so thin, I think Cormier has the right mix of rasslin & balled up fist slinging to beat most of the top guys.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Balled up fist slinging is the perfect way to describe 90% of mma striking.