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Danny Abbadi rocks

Some people might ask “Fightlinker, why do you have Danny Abbadi on your Myspace friends list?” And I respond: because every other day there’s amusing shit like this from him.

  • Fatal Error

    Haha! Danny Abbadi works for my friend. LA Boxing in Tarzana, CA if anyone is interested.

  • maafaka

    whats your myspace, linker ?

  • Atom

    I’m racking my brain for mma fighters that I care about less. (even if he does say/do something funny)

  • Lifer

    Atom we’re laughing AT him not WITH him. DANNY LOLOLZ k

  • drewdoodoo

    “check yourself before you want to check others” That is catchy. Mark my words, this time next year, all of the kids will be saying that.

  • Atom

    No, Lifer. I get that we’re supposed to be laughing ‘AT’ him, but like the “Whats going on this weekend” posts, Danny Abbadi posts need a “WHY YOU SHOULD CARE” section included. If I wanted to laugh at Mr. Abbadi, I would laugh at his record (1-4), his hair ( ), or his man-love sandwich-making for deaf wrestlers.

  • Lifer

    all you need to know is that Danny has plenty of friends and that he is stuck making sandwiches for them all.

  • Thomas aka Hattori Hanzo

    Dont care for Abbadi I’m still on the Andy Wang Bandwagon

  • fightlinker

    Abbadi vs Wang would be awesome.

    And we’re not really laughing AT Danny. We’re laughing at some of the stuff he puts on his myspace ;-)

  • el feo

    as soon as I see or hear the word “hater”, I’m done.

  • fightlinker

    You know, “Check yo’self before you check others” sounds like the next generation’s “Before removing the mote from other’s eye, remove the log from thyne own”

  • Jeebus Cripes

    Danny seemed nice but in regards to fighting, he sucked Jesus Christ’s CUNT !!!!!