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Dave Begel thinks you’re enjoying WMMA a little TOO much

If you missed Dave Begel’s article dismissing women’s MMA as a patriarchal lesbian sex fantasy, it’s probably because you were more interested in Steve Hickey comparing MMA to child pornography.  And who wouldn’t be?  But now that the Hickey mess is just about cleared up, it’s only fair to revisit Begel and his sentient eyebrows and hear out his words of wisdom regarding MMA and the role of women within it:

“Put two women in scanty clothes into a locked room (the octagon), let them take off after each other and and roll around on the ground, legs locked together and sweat dripping off each of them. Sound like some kind of porn? Of course, and it plays into the fantasy of lots and lots of men.”

He seems to have put a lot of thought into that argument, which is probably why he accepted an invitation to speak with Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten about the subject on Inside MMA this weekend.  The result was even better than his original article – he calls out Bas on the liver shot, complains that every UFC fighter is portrayed as having an MBA from Harvard or having killed 800 Iraqi soldiers (BRIAN STANN), and says that two women can’t go out in public together without arousing lurid lesbian fantasies in men.

I only wish the segment was longer but Bas gets tired of the BS and cuts it short.  I get it… it’s like arguing with that kid in middle school who can’t even come up with a good insult.  It’s tiring:

“All the people who came to and called me either a subversive, or a pervert, or a chicken, or unpatriotic or old… typically[sic] they got one out of five right.”

Oh, I know, I know!  It’s pervert, right?  The right answer is pervert?

  • Filmdrunk

    Hahahaha “Dave Bagel” hahahahaha

  • iamphoenix

    Has he seen the women who fight? Does he think they all look like Ronda Rousey? I wish they would to but they’re just men with long hair and all you fuckers that get boners for this ugly chick fighters disgust me.