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Deadmau5 and the UFC are up to something

Deadmaus and the UFC have apparently teamed up in some capacity for Deadmau5’s latest video Professional Griefers. You know how the UFC typically releases the legal kraken the second anyone even thinks of using their logo? Well, this video has that plastered all over it and its promo material. Plus Mike Goldberg. So I think it’s safe to say this is a some sort of collaboration. Perhaps this is a sign that Dana is preparing to finally let go of all that mid-90 rap rock? Are we another step on our way to DUBSTEP REPLAYS across the MMA landscape?

The tune isn’t bad either. At least the version without breathless man singing, a cornerstone of today’s shitty electro scene. That’s after the jump, so check it out. The full video gets released tomorrow and may just end up on the front page if some UFC fighters make a cameo worth giffing.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Mmmm, it’s all Justice-y. Dig it.

    Could you post something with the “breathless man singing?” That sounds fucking hilarious.

  • Reverend Clint

    i keep waiting for Mario to start or really anything interesting

  • noiseless

    heard 19 seconds, hated that i liked it and hit pause. and wrote this. aaaaand close tab.

  • kvelertak at work

    Hey.. lets make fighting as gay as possible.

  • glassjawsh

    gerard way you FUCK! try harder to be sonny Moore rip off (who would even WANT that???) you girl singing, wrist slitting makeup wearing emo fuck.

    the parallels between the my chemical romance guy and skrillex are almost sickening

  • Letibleu

    ^^ is it normal that I have no fucking idea what he just said? It’s like jawsh used a random sentence generator.

  • Reverend Clint

    ^right there with you

  • glassjawsh

    ^ bunch of rubes

  • noiseless

    < wait wat, parnters still??