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Delay on posts

Hi Guys

I dunno what’s up at the moment … I think I’m about to start my period because I think I have PMS. Everything I write today is just angry and lame. There’s probably not much difference between how things normally are, but I’m gonna go take a breather, eat some Chinese food (I’ve set a date for stopping), and try to get some content up later today.

  • garth

    What’s wrong with being angry you fucker?

  • Erin

    Nono, you should be craving sweet and salty during PMS, so unless your chinese food is really really salty you may be doing it wrong. Also, I suggest pamprin for any cramps or bloating.

  • Lucinda Bassett

    I’m here for you Fightlinker, if you need me.

  • duncan

    you can always write a brief update on the size and shape of pete sell’s head