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Did Dana White’s big mouth kill the Fedor deal?

This is my favorite story of the day for it’s sheer stupidity. Right now, people are going around basically saying that the reason Fedor is not with the UFC is because Dana White recited a Boney M lyric and called Fedor’s management ‘those crazy russians’.

Let’s put this one to sleep right now: This has to be the dumbest idea in the history of the universe. If you take even half a minute to actually think it through you’ll realize how fucking stupid it is. Here’s the simple, boring fact of the matter: The UFC wasn’t willing to let Fedor do everything he wanted to do. The new M-1 was willing to give Fedor everything he wanted. End of story.

As pissed as I am that Fedor didn’t come to the UFC and the subsequent departure of Randy Couture as a result, I’m not gonna put the blame on Dana White (fuck, this is starting to become a trend). The UFC has a few iron-clad conditions when it comes to fighter agreements, and if Fedor isn’t willing to agree to those then he can go fuck himself with whatever vegetable is most common in his god-forsaken country.

The day the UFC starts agreeing to retarded fighter demands in order to sign them is the day they take another step towards being boxing. Conditions like “Fighter X can only fight in the UFC” aren’t there because the UFC are petty bastards … it’s a cornerstone of the organization that has allowed them to create the stability and consistency needed to keep the sport growing. And how fucked up is it that Fedor’s agents wanted to add in clauses that would have the UFC working with the old M-1 to do an event in Russia?

It doesn’t surprise me that the deal between the UFC and Fedor fell apart … his agents really are crazy Russians. I’m sure they’re feeling pretty smart right now with the M-1 sale and this new organization. But it will be interesting to see how smug they are in a year from now when M-1 collapses from it’s own ambitions and ineptitude.

  • Accomando

    It didn’t kill the deal, but it was the “final nail in de coffin.”

    Look, us peoples in the “west”, we think its funny to call people crazy, and act like a crazy, and write like a crazy, and talk like a crazy, you see where I am going here, its entertaining and amusing for US.

    We have this thing called a “sense of humor” in the “West” We have this “phenomenon” in our countries because we don’t have to worry about petty things like….fresh water supply, food, jobs, REAL abusive governments, ect. ect.

    Russia is a crap-hole, and the people are not happy, nor are they in the mood to be called “crazy”, expecially by a person from a culture they don’t indentify with and or respect.

    It is a bigger deal than you are willing to admit, but to think it was the only reason would be real naive.

  • garth

    i think they use potatos. Or maybe turnips. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Lifer

    i agree with the potatoes theory only i believe they are giant irradiated Chernobyl potatoes that impregnate you against your will.

  • garth

    you mean the ones that melted into the little old ladies with shawls and screech like the bowels of hell? Damn i hate those chernobyltaters.

  • groda

    pfft you guys are way off beetroot is the shiznit nigga.

  • AlexK
  • Accomando

    no vegetables, just vodka bottles.

  • nem0

    I love how everyone thought Chernobyl would turn into this giant fucked up wasteland full of mutants, but instead it has a thriving ecosystem due to the fact that no humans can live/farm/travel/build there. Talk about a let down. Science fiction has failed us so hard.

    And I dispute that Russians don’t have a sense of humor. They don’t have the same sense of humor that we do, but I’d say calling anyone you’re trying to do business with “crazy,” regardless of national background, is a motherfucking stupid idea. HEY, LET’S PISS OFF THESE GUYS AND THEN WHINE WHEN THEY WON’T WORK WITH US! WAAH WAAH.

  • Mobb Deep

    Amen Fightlinker, Amen.

  • Xavier

    Al Gore has planned a press conference to announce that Dana White is responsible for the polar ice caps melting.

    It is estimated that 89% of sherdoggers (Synonymous with “morons”) will immediately start threads decrying Dana White for it.

  • Accomando

    This is exactly what I am talking about, here is a Russian joke….

    “In America, you can always find a party; in soviet Russia, the party can always find you.”

    See its funny because….

    “…The word “party” has a double meaning, when used in conjunction with America it refers to a social gathering, when used in conjunction with soviet Russia it refers to Russia’s communist party. These jokes were first made famous by the émigré comedian Yakov Smirnoff…”

    Great stuff.

  • nem0

    Okay, so Yakov Smirnoff is no Andrei Arlovski…

  • garth

    In Russia, Giant Irradiated Yam eat YOU!

  • Tommy

    Everyone loves to ‘kick the cat’, well it seems Dana is always the cat. I bet them Russians are gonna hate us shady Americans after we scam their asses out of all they have and will ever be worth. Better to be told what we’ll do and actually do it, then promise you anything you want but give you nothing.

  • Accomando

    “…Al Gore has planned a press conference to announce that Dana White is responsible for the polar ice caps melting…”

    The Northern one is melting, but the southern cap getting bigger/picking up the slack.

    Does everyone realize how ironic it is that Al Gore actually wrote a book called “The Assault on Reason”?

    The audacity of that fraud/loser. He lies and says…

    “The entire global scientific community has a consensus on the question that human beings are responsible for global warming and he [Bush] has today again expressed personal doubt that that is true.”

    Reason isn’t allowed in Al Gore’s world unless you agree with him. Talk about a thought Nazi. Meanwhile…..

    “…Gore, whose film warning of a coming cataclysm due to man-made “global warming” won two Oscars, has a mansion in the posh Belle Meade area of Nashville that consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year, citing data from the Nashville Electric Service….”

    Everyone is welcome to believe what they wish, I just urge everyone to look into “Global Cooling”. YES, there was a “Global Cooling” scare after 3 consecutive decades of falling tempetures, (1950’s, 60’s and 70’s) There was hysteria then like there is now.

    In fact, the idea of humans being able to warm up the earth came from some eccentric scientist of the time, who said “man has the ability to heat the earth by producing carbon emissions.” He was laughed at, because duing the said years of cooling, there was the same amount if not, more man-made carbon production (WW 2 military factories ect) going on then, as opposed to today.

  • Tommy

    Ima have to quote that on myspace Acc. I fucking hate Al Gore and his lies.

  • garth

    Yeah. Him and every other fuckin’ scientist in the world.

    But keep on keepin’ on. There have been scares of all sorts, years in and years out. But none with the kind of evidentiary support this one has.

    But, you’re free to believe what you want to believe. Plus “Dood livez in giant manshuyn!!!1!!”

    And Tommy, outside of whatever shit you believe about climate change, gimme a Gore lie. Call one out. The only thing I can think of is the stupid-ass Chinese fundraising thing, and they should have been nailed by the balls for that. unfortunately the fucking GOP is even more stunningly corrupt than the Dems are, and couldn’t say shit. Otherwise the Dems would fling out the dirt they have on them.
    I guess since you’re so concerned with honesty you just hate W’s guts, right?

  • Theccomando


    Sorry, but that post is BS. The northern/southern balancing is as hotly contested as the whole global warming issue. Stated as fact it pretty much means nothing. The Gore numbers regarding his consumption fail to mention the size of his house, not to mention the sizable staff that works out of his property. Yeah, it’s gonna cost more.

    The whole Global Cooling thing is just laughable. Unfortunately, so is the claim that emissions were higher 70 years ago than today. Really? There are more cars, trucks, transported goods, coal plants, manufacturing facilities etc. today than ever. There are more industrialized countries than ever. There are more people than ever. The effects of WWII production don’t factor at all.

    This from a gun-totin’, God-fearin’ Texas republican. I really could care less about Gore, but if you wanna smear a guy, use facts or even “facts”. If you’re gonna BS us, give us more credit. We can put our pants on by ourselves.

    Oh yeah…Fedor in the UFC was a pipe dream. It woulda made me moist to see Captain America vs. Red Scare, but him and his fucking Sambo tournaments…

  • Accomando

    “…gimme a Gore lie. Call one out….”

    Here’s 9.

    Its from CNN, so you should be able to trust it.

  • Mobb Deep

    HA, Yakov Smirnoff, those Russians must have a sense of humor, giving thier kids such hilarious names and all.

    As for Accomando, your such an idiot. First off this isn’t the place for your bullshit propaganda. Secondly, I don’t give a fuck about Al Gore’s personal life. And Thirdly, 99.9% of the scientific community is saying the same shit: the Earth is warming and we are responsible. The .1% who don’t are paid by oil companies who obviously have everything to lose if people start believing what scientists say. I know, your pissed that reality has a liberal bias, but seriously, this is an MMA site, and your digressions are fucking LAME.

  • Accomando

    “…This from a gun-totin’, God-fearin’ Texas republican. I really could care less about Gore…”

    Sure you are.

    Care less, cared enough to repsond, didn’t you? Hillarious that you dismiss the fact that guy is a complete hypocrite, pleads to stop “global warming” while he does his best to fly around the world on airplanes spewing jet-fuel emissions everywhere, and charging thousands upon thousands of dollars on speaches about “Global Warming” you would think he would do just to for free “help his cause” because ITS SO CLOSE TO ENDING US, aghhhh!! Total Joke.

    “…The whole Global Cooling thing is just laughable…”

    So, the earth didn’t get cool for around 4 consecutive decades during a time in which CARBON EMISSIONS were very prevelant? Look it up, tex.

    The earth’s tempeture goes in cycles, that is what we are in now, a warming cylce. I know the global cooling scare was ridiculous, it was to show how ridiculous this hysteria is now.

    Imagine the billions upon billions of dollars now spent by all the govenrments of the world to research this naturally occurring phenomenon. There better be global warming caused by man, because thats what the research money is earmarked for.

  • Accomando

    Done with politics.

  • Xavier

    I made a joke and it turned into an annoying global warming debate. Mea culpa.

    I don’t believe in global warming either, accomando. It was a joke, and if you actually read into it… Al Gore has already blamed everything else for the “polar ice caps melting” so I’m sure Dana White may be next on his list.

  • intenso

    the world is going to end in 2012 anyway.

  • fightlinker

    Global Warming and evolution are going to tear us all apart!

  • Theccomando

    Right! I could care less about Gore. But I do care about conservative morality and it I puke just a little danish when people spout out dubious facts they read in a chain e-mail. It weakens the line and fills the ranks with gullibles regurgitating shaded truths that would get mounted and rained on by a visit to Snopes…

    About Gore’s playboy ways jet-settin’ around the country? I could care less. My opinions on issues as large as the environment don’t come from cheesy documentaries or chain e-mails from my buds. On him getting paid? I don’t have a problem with it. If I was the authority on The Art of Lovemaking To Cheerleaders (I am) and was asked to teach classes, guess what? I’m collecting fees, bitches.

    Anyway…yeah. M-1 will fail, blah blah…I hope they don’t, but cow-towing to fighters is a dangerous game. Wonder what Krazy Horse would require in his contract?

  • Tommy

    Shit go to junk science dot com. Look that guy made a movie to get rich plain and simple. I may lie to get rich but I don’t put the world up in arms to do it. I don’t really have the patience or desire to go over it all so believe what you like. People read one book or watch one movie and herold someone a hero because they want to, not because it’s the truth or that they studied the subject for years and Know it’s right. It’s just convenient and easy and people want to believe something.

  • Accomando

    “…I puke just a little danish when people spout out dubious facts they read in a chain e-mail…”

    Never got that e-mail, tool. And what was so” dubious”?

    You know is dubious to me?

    People claiming “conservative morality” while in the very next sentence using a bullshit anology in regards to “laying cheerleaders” to cover for a C level propagandist.

    So, go fuck yourself tex! ;)

  • Theccomando

    Haha…dude, you’re gonna let up so easy? You were actually halfway clever before your head exploded. Hell, you blew right through “done with politics”, I would’ve thought you had more in your lunchpail.

    Morality and attempts at humor aren’t mutually exclusive. I’m not actually making love to a cheerleader. Really. That “bullshit” analogy was just that, as you stated, which is a funny way to make a point.

    To quote Chief Wiggum, “dig up, stupid.”

  • Toxie

    Go to Fight Opinion with this shit…

  • Cyrus

    I just bit the cap off my pen and when I click it, it cuts me.

  • fightlinker

    I dropped my shoe in the toilet this morning. Don’t ask…

  • stellar53

    Did you know that banging your head up against a brick wall burns 150 calories per hour?

  • intenso

    I’ve been at work for almost 3 hours and haven’t done any work.

  • Ted Dibiase

    Al Gore claimed he invented the internet. Hes a pathetic leach just like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. The Earth is naturally warming, and we have accelerated slightly. Al Gore is using this B.S. to get his fat ugly face on tv so he can run for president later. Hes a faggot.

  • fightlinker

    Haha, ted agrees with you guys