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Did Herb Dean miss a tap on Saturday too?

It looks like Fedor vs Hendo wasn’t the only fight with some Herb Dean controversy. It’s been years since Herb has been in the middle of so many shitstorms – compared to back in the day where he was known as The Dean of the Unforeseen and the Black Cat of MMA reffing. I fully admit to being the only one calling him both these things, but fuck it, they’re witty nicknames goddamnit and they capture the unfortunate things that seem to happen sometimes when he refs. For example that Fedor stoppage, and now possibly missing a tap during the JZ Calvan / Bobby Green fight.

Because Showtime and Strikeforce seem incapable of doing anything with their prelims, there’s a good chance we’ll never see the actual footage. But based on people who were there, here’s what happened: JZ took Green’s back with half a minute remaining in the second round and locked in a rear naked choke. Green appeared to tap as the round ended but Dean didn’t see it from where he was positioned. People around the cage were screaming about the tap and when it was clear the fight was going to a third round the arena erupted in boos.

At least JZ still won, although it was a split decision … much less impressive sounding than a 2nd round submission.

(pic via MMA Fighting’s Strikeforce Fedor vs Henderson gallery)

  • CAP

    One thing that was apparent to me that night was Big John is still (always was) the BEST ref in the game.

  • G Funk

    If a tree falls and only an arena full of people see it, did it really happen?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    If the match and/or the tap (or lack thereof) mattered they’d have aired it or put it online afterward to expose the fighters who don’t generate revenue yet because they haven’t been exposed to an audience.

    But they didn’t, so fuck JZ and his career.  Right Coker?  Right Forza?


  • greenseed

    Bobby green told Helwani that hhe was giving Herb the thumbs up

  • CAP

    Other reports say the replay showed a tap. Who knows.

  • blackbiird

    I was at the event, and my seats were facing both of the fighters. Green gave herb dean a thumbs up. Most people saw the arm go up and thought it was a tap. I saw the arm go up, and then the thumb go up, which I thought was friggin ownage.

  • CAP

    frig yeah!

  • Blackula Jonez

    I recently rewatched the Aldo vs Hominick fight which and I noticed that in the first round alone that Hominick grabbed the fence no less than 6 times with little to no warning from Big John.


    He recieved his first warning from John in the second round. Does this mean Big John is the worst ref in the world: no, does it mean that even experienced officials will occaisinally miss things due to the very difficult nature of their job: most definetly.

  • frickshun

    Does this mean that Black is defending his people? Yes. Does this mean that reffing any sport is difficult & subjective? Yes. Does this mean the average inner-city black person can’t swim. Unequivocally, yes. Is it safe to say that “Fight Hotness” is not even close to the “Spank Tank” in terms of jack-ability? Yes.

  • CAP

    “Spank my Tank”

  • Reverend Clint

    Shank Tank

  • frickshun

    Touch Your Penis To These Photos Tank. It’s more subtle….