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Did Mr. Wonderful choke a bitch?


Phil Davis is a moderate favorite against Vinny Magalhaes tomorrow and it looks like he may have been putting in some extra time practicing his submissions.  Unfortunately, his sparring partner is allegedly the mother of his child and, according to her, Davis doesn’t respond to verbal or physical taps.  Now they’re both due in court on May 7th for a child custody hearing and have filed paperwork against each other for permanent restraining orders.

Anyone who’s gone through a child custody situation knows that things can go straight up off the rails lightning fast, and the legal documents obtained by TMZ make both Davis and his ex, Vantris Patterson, look pretty bad:

Davis — aka Mr. Wonderful — would often choke [Patterson] during intercourse, and when she’d plead with him to stop he’d respond, “Shut the fuck up, bitch”…  She says Davis has threatened to kill her numerous times if she ever slept with another man… Davis body slammed her on a couch with such force… the couch slid into the wall paint came off.

Patterson provided pictures of a busted lip that allegedly came courtesy of Davis, and made statements that MMA is to blame for Davis’s abusing ways:

Davis’s alleged propensity for violence has escalated because of his involvement in the UFC.  She says, “I am afraid that the numerous fights have negatively impacted his mental stability,” and she can’t defend herself because of his “increased strength and attacking ability.”

Meanwhile, Phil painted Patterson as the violent partner, claiming that she put a picture of a Glock up on her Facebook page with the quote “… His day will come”, and texted him the message “I can’t wait until the day you die so I can spit in ur face [painful and slow].”  Of course the waters are beyond muddied at this point, and we have only allegations.  Vantris Patterson has a lot to gain if she fabricates a story and is able to gain a favorable ruling for herself.  If the accusations are true (or if it brings enough bad publicity to the UFC), Dana will be forced to do some serious damage control, or make it like Davis never existed in his operation.

(pic by Scott Peterson via MMA Weekly)

  • agentsmith

    Not that I’m siding with Davis, but it’d be all too easy for a vindictive ex to use the uninitiated public’s perceptions of cage fighting to paint him as a violent psycho.

  • noiseless

    i love ‘em a little crazy-vindictive myself. makes me feel shit.

  • noiseless

    like..FEEL shit. yaknow.

  • 2wrongs

    Noiseless, is the feeling shit thing from the anal sex?

  • noiseless

    colostomy preferred.

  • Reverend Clint

    who hasnt tried to choke a hooker to death

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    “I’ve never seen so many dead hookers in my life!”

    “Lord knows I have…”

  • glassjawsh

    I’ve left bruise marks on girls’ throats after they’ve asked me to choke the shit out of them. But I’m also VERY aware that the kind of crazy that gets wet as her lips turn blue is often also the kind of crazy that blames the thumb print on her larynx on domestic abuse after you call her on some bullshit she’s pulled.

    That being said, Phil Davis doesn’t really seem like the kind of guys that’s into fetish girls or the type of guy that would straight up hit a woman.

    Methinks there is some fuckery afoot (obligatory bitch comment)

  • matthewpolly

    This is my favorite line: ‘she can’t defend herself because of his “increased strength and attacking ability.”’

    Phil was a 4-time Division I All-American Wrestler. His wife could defend herself prior to his joining the UFC? Who did he marry Ronda’s sister?

  • matthewpolly

    My favorite line: “she can’t defend herself because of his ‘increased strength and attacking ability.'”

    She could defend herself before he joined the UFC. Phil was a 4-time All-American wrestler. Who did he marry: Ronda Rousey’s sister?

  • frickshun

    Is nobody calling absolute bullshit on her theory that she could handle his NCAA champion strength just fine before he made it to the UFC? She must be bankrolled by the culinary union!!

  • kvelertak

    Gold diggin women. Be careful guys. You pick the wrong woman and your life can get fucked up something serious.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    …so she could defend herself when his strength and attacking ability was “lower” as a champion wrestling phenom? I’m not taking any sides on this one without further info, but it’s ridiculous to think that the UFC has suddenly given him super human powers – that genetic freak has had them all along.

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    I wish Phil Davis had choked a different bitch.

    You all know who I mean.