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Diego Brandao’s gonna buy his mamma a house

Diego Brandao may be a psychopath, but he’s a psychopath with a heart of gold. Fresh off of winning the 145lb TUF tournament and taking home Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night awards worth 40k a pop, he’s already looking to spread the love around.

“I’m going to tell my mom to stop cleaning houses; I don’t like this,” Brandao said following his big win (props to MMAJunkie). “I’m going to take my mom from this crazy life to clean the houses of people. Now if she wants to come to the U.S., she can come to the U.S. If she wants to live in Brazil, she can live in Brazil. You pick. Whatever you want.”

“I feel happy,” Brandao said. “I made my promise when I got into the house. Now I want to spend $15,000, which in Brazil means $30,000. I want to spend it for kids in Brazil who have cancer and on the hospitals. I’m going to visit the hospitals. I’m going to make a better Christmas in Brazil for the kids this year because I haven’t had a happy Christmas since my dad passed away.”

Diego’s record leading up to TUF wasn’t exactly stellar at 13-7 but he attributes a lot of his recent success to God – but not your standard Catholic or Protestant god. No, Diego is a Mormon, and while Mormons like to pretend they’re just like you, the truth is Mormons are

(pic via MMA Junkie)

  • Reverend Clint

    bet he has a buncha sister wives back in brazil. Just remember Mormons are just as violent as other christians its just they havnt had the same amount of time.

  • glassjawsh

    i used to date a mormon. trust me when i say this. they are ALL batshit crazy. dear fuck christ, when the dude who is into choking and slapping bitches during sex (and who isn’t completely opposed to scat) thinks that you’re a little much, there is something very very wrong

  • agentsmith

    So how much of his purse does the church get?

  • Reverend Clint

    ^probably almost all of it… thats why he had to wait until now to buy his mama a house.

  • Symbul

    He has pretty grandiose plans for someone locked into one of the worst contracts the UFC is handing out these days.

  • shillyer

    I used to be mormon. Tithing is definded as “ten percent of your increase.” Most people take that to mean before taxes but you can interpret it however you want  

    Rev Clint is you think mormons have not had time to be violent you should look up “the mountain meadows massacre” or some of the wars the mormons had with the missouri militia. 

    The fight scene in Utah has always been strong. I think it is because men are not allowed to masterbate.  

  • Reverend Clint

    thats what i meant… they have done crazy shit but just not on the level of say the catholics. give them time and im sure some ruby ridge shit will go down.

  • guayan_soul

    That video is hilarious! Slightly skewed, but it’s awesome regardless. I was raised Mormon too @Shillyer. But honestly all organized religions are crazy, but I guess some people seem to think they need them. Let the kid buy his mama a house and give to the less fortunate. If reading “O Livro de Mormon” leads to positive things, then more power to him. Just to clarify, the black thing isn’t at all correct and a lot of the stuff they talk about isn’t doctrine, but speculative beliefs. Elohim isn’t Adam, no one knows or claims that Jesus had wives and kids, emaculate conception is believed by Christianity, and I’d say whomever made this video is just as batshit crazy as any fanatical follower of the church.

    Anyways, I like Diego as a fighter… not sure if he’ll make any impact in the division, but he’s fun to watch that’s for sure. @symbul – yeah, a TUF contract is a bum deal in my opinion, but I guess it’s a foot in the door if you can’t network and be brought straight in like a badass (see Cain Valasquez). I’ve been over TUF for awhile, but I can admit that I actually enjoyed this season!

  • shillyer

    Guayan_soul the wideo is not skewed at all. I was suprised how accurate it was.

  • frickshun

    Symbul–>add up all the freaking bonuses he made this past weekend & tell me he made a bad career choice.