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Diego Sanchez is back in contention

With the welterweight belt being contested by Jon Fitch in August and then BJ Penn in December, that means no title shot for Thiago Alves any time soon. This is probably for the best … Alves still has a lot to prove, like that he can even make weight for the belt he wants to fight for. In the meantime, the UFC has set up a pretty sweet fight:

While the welterweight division looks towards a championship match in August between current titleholder Georges St. Pierre and Jon Fitch, the weight class will continue to build towards a new top contender as has learned that American Top Team knockout artist Thiago “Pitbull” Alves is slated to return on Oct. 18 to face former “Ultimate Fighter” winner Diego Sanchez.

The bout was confirmed to by sources close to the fight. There is currently a verbal agreement with actual bout agreements for the contest expected to be signed in the next few days.

I’m glad the UFC has finally taken Diego Sanchez off the soft touch list. Having him fight guys like David Bielkheden and Luigi Fioravanti was a waste of everyone’s time. He’ll certainly have his hands full with Thiago Alves … remember: Diego was considering a drop down to 155, and we don’t have to go over how much of a fatass Thiago is. Except dat ain’t fat. It be gigantic muscles n shit.

  • Xavier

    That’ll be a great, exciting fight. Perfect matchup.

  • Hammer

    Alves will overwhelm Sanchez.. Too much skill and speed for sanchez to handle..

  • garth

    personally i feel like alves’ failure to make weight should drop him down farther on the ladder to a shot. his win, in my book, was tainted. so having him fight someone in diego who’s not a #1 contender makes good sense.

  • MadMan

    Diego has mind power…that’ll take him to places that
    gigantic muscles n shit just can’t go.
    Speaking of “mind power”—Jon Fitch is another with
    epic power of the mind…that’s why i’m picking him to
    upset George St. Pierre. :)

  • Tho up

    Unfortunately mind power cant over come a thrash on the chin.. ZZZZZZZ Sanchez..

  • iceberger

    Alves misses weight ONE TIME and hes getting this sort of heat? STFU. He’s been at 170 his whole carreer and one time misses weight WHEN HE HAD AN ANKLE INJURY LATE IN CAMP.

    Holy crap.

    BTW Diego has nothing for him

  • x5BoltMainx

    Did you forget the time that he got suspend for using an illegal aid to make weight?

  • Reverend Clint

    or sucked off that tranny for $50?

  • godzillad

    Diego is gonna beat the SHIT out of Thiago.

  • fightfan

    I cant stand when these TUF guys, Diego in this case, fight C level fighters liek David Biekladen….then have to hear Rogan and Goldie praise their peformance like the and coming of Christ.

    I mean, come on, when you are a -500 favorite you are suppose to kick the living dogshit out of your opponent. But we have to hear Rogan say how “back” the nightmare is and how “dominating” his performance was. Just like if you place a pit bull against a poodle, the pit bull is SUPPOSED to look a bit dominiating. I thought Rogan was gonna bust a nut talking about how spectacular a performance Diego had against Luigi. At a 5 to 1 favorite to win, it was NOT very dominating or spectacular. Unless you want to call the school bully beating on a weaker, much less talented kid dominating adn spectacular

  • garth

    missing weight by how much? if you have an injury you pull out. the funniest part is that he took the diuretic in the fight where he’d be tested…and didn’t take it for the fight where he wouldn’t be tested. hilarious!

  • P

    if every fighter that had an injury pulled out there wouldn’t be any fucking fights you retard.

    OMG he used a diuretic one time!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!!1one


  • Reverend Clint

    and Travis Lutter missed weight one time yet he’s a bitch?

  • Jester

    10. Rogan is annoying. He is such a ‘company’ man. And I get the impression when he interviews certain fighters he entertains unseemly thoughts… Having to do with getting on his knees and the like…..

  • garth

    hey fuckwit P, the OTHER FIGHTERS MAKE WEIGHT. your head is so far up your ass you’re smelling your throat.

  • RoB

    ^ physically possible?

  • Reverend Clint

    depends on how big his head is and how forceful the thrust upward was.

  • america


  • Stellar53

    Diego bitches…

  • Reverend Clint

    Diego looks like he has a horrible case of Downs Syndrome in the pic.

  • Jester

    HGH will do that to you……

  • stink47

    Should be a great fight.

    Sanchez has no about him now after his 2 losses where he looked like a pretty bad fighter.

    Alves should get title shot if he comes in on weight and wins and especially if he finishes.