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Diego Sanchez says he’d whup Nick Diaz again

Poor Diego Sanchez. He was one of the original TUF golden boys, but now he’s spending half his time headlining fight night calibre cards. Even though he’s been facing top flight competition (Guida, Kampmann, the upcoming Ellenberger), he’s getting nowhere near the same kind of attention as some of the guys he beat back in the day. Guys like Nick Diaz. Here he is sounding totally okay with that:

Man, everybody out there, straight up, I don’t like to hear this crap about Nick Diaz.  I’m hearing this stuff on Sherdog, “Oh Diego Sanchez and Nick Diaz…gotta pick Nick Diaz, that was a long time ago and he’s gotten so much better”.  You know what man, we’ve all gotten better.  Styles make fights! I’m still a guy that’s gonna take down Nick Diaz, I’m still a guy that’s gonna push the pace on Nick Diaz, I’m still the guy that’s tough enough to take Nick Diaz’s little pitter-patter punches.  Styles make fights.  Nick Diaz has this grappling that’s on point and so do I.  We get back in there again, I’m going to kick his ass again.

MMA math may not always be right, but I have a hard time figuring out how Diego beats Nick when Nick trounced BJ who beat Diego. Six years is a long time and a lot has changed since the last time Sanchez and Diaz faced off. Nick has risen above the competition while Diego has been having a hard time keeping up with it.

  • frickshun


  • DJ ThunderElbows

    You know what man, we’ve all gotten better.

    Diego seems exactly the same.  Exactly.

  • agentsmith

    Nick would kill him now.

  • noiseless

    NO! *backflip*
    but yes.

  • CAP

    I’d give Nick the advantage but would like to see it again. That would be a fun fight. Two crazies.

  • Letibleu

    Id like to see how improved he got. Throw him against kos again.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Diego laid on Paulo Thiago, got his ass kicked by Kampmann (see below) and he should have been handed a loss. Also, if I remember correctly the Sanchez/Diaz fight was super close and Diaz pretty much won the match from the bottom. The only time Diego was actually winning fights convincingly was six years ago. Maybe Sanchez should try getting past John Hathaway before he talks about how he’d crush the #2 WW in the world.

    ALSO – I don’t undertand why people act like the Diaz brothers throw weak, “pitter patter” punches. They throw heavy fucking leather with record setting speed and accuracy. The Diaz brothers have major heat on their strikes – Nick went toe to toe, knocking out Paul Daley while Nate fucked up Cowboy Cerrone. These “pitter patter” punches destroy opponents and any fighter that pretends that they can walk through them like they’re nothing are delusional.

    You don’t hear Ryo Chonnan wondering why everyone is paying attention to Anderson Silva when he beat him seven years ago. Chonnan understands that Silva has evolved into a different fighter. Sanchez doesn’t and that’s the reason why he isn’t able evolve himself.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Your photo shows pretty clearly why Diego doesn’t understand what’s happened.

    Sloth love chunk, YUS!

  • Redping

    Diaz made some bad choices in that fight, it was before he understood that certain fighters like Diego, don’t want to fight, but just want to get takedowns en route to a decision. There is NO way he could beat nick diaz in any kind of fist fight. Nick has fixed that hole in his game and Diego is still exactly as good of a fighter as he was then, but even more deluded.

    Ellenberger is going to KO him pretty hard, I don’t tihnk he’ll be thinking about nick diaz for a long time. Certainly doesn’t deserve to fight him.

  • mmaddict89

    Diego Sanchez is a fucking moron
    He would lose badly to Diaz, he hasn’t improved at all, while Diaz is a hell of a lot better now than he was when they first fought.

  • Letibleu

    They are throwing Sanchez to the wolves against Jake. looking like the picture above will probably be a step up when he is done with Diego.