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Din’s Mugshot

Here’s something depressing to look at while we wait for the inevitable response from the CSAC regarding Sherk and Baroni. It is interesting to note though that this probably isn’t the only mugshot of Din in existence. According to several sources, Din may still be in the clink … his bail was set at 10,000k. I guess here’s where he’s lucky he’s overpaid by the UFC.

  • groda

    10,000k = 10,000,000?

    did he force homeless people to fight to the death?

  • fightlinker

    A felony is serious stuff no matter how lame it is

  • jd

    10 million dollars seems a bit steep for bail.

  • Angry Jay

    In the end (perhaps literally?) maybe Din and Mikey Vick can be prison butt-buddies?