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Doctors really wanna cut into Dan Hardy’s heart

Doctors really wanna cut into Dan Hardy’s heart

Dan Hardy is still dealing with the fallout from his Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome diagnosis, which in practical terms means he basically has a second heartbeat. Here he is giving Bloody Elbow’s Steph Daniels an update, which isn’t really an update because it’s the same damn depressing news he gave us the last time he was asked about it:

I’ve had a second consultation, but they didn’t really tell me anything. They just said that in order to clear me, they need to know how strong the second heartbeat is, and in order to find out how strong it is, they need to go in through my neck and femoral artery to study it. That’s essentially the same thing as burning out the heartbeat. While they’re in there, if they can find where it is, they can burn it out at the same time.It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I spoke to my doctor in the UK, and he said not to touch it. The procedure is the easy option for everybody involved except me.

I’m not going to have anything done. I’ll only get that surgery if it becomes a necessity. If at some point in my life, it becomes harmful to me, or I develop bad symptoms, I might consider it. I’ve done all of these things in my life up to this point, without an issue. There’s no logic to going in and getting it done, because it just doesn’t need doing.

The value of getting the surgery to carry on fighting or not getting it and carrying on with my life … there’s not really a great difference there. Obviously, I would like to fight, if it was my decision, but it’s not. It’s frustrating because I was in motion for another fight. I was preparing, and then it was abruptly stopped.

What a shit situation to be in. The guy is fine and has probably competed his entire career with this condition never causing him any problems. But rather than recognize that obvious as the nose on your face fact and allowing him to fight with a few extra safeguards in place, commissions are demanding he undergo a very serious surgical procedure that tinkers with his heart. A slightly important organ which, if messed with, may cause Dan some oh so slight issues with his quality of life.

You know all that shit granola hippies are always yapping about re: an over-reliance on surgery and medications and all that unnatural crap? Yeah, this here is a prime example of that in action.

  • Carcass

    “But rather than recognize that obvious as the nose on your face fact and allowing him to fight with a few extra safeguards in place”

    Wrong. Where did you get your medical degree from, Hyan?

    Its not an obvious solution. Its a medico-legal timebomb. The statistical risk may indeed be small, however, for the commission it represents an unacceptable risk severity. The potential for a lawsuit resulting from a neglect of the commission’s duty of care towards the fighter is almost guaranteed if something were to happen (let alone the potential ramifications of an attack during a fight).

    WPW is, quite rightly, something that no commission is going to licence a fighter with. Unless he gets his ablation done and then he’s cleared by the cardiologist, he won’t be fighting. From what he’s saying, it sounds like someone needs to take an hour and talk him through it slowly and ensure he understands what they intend to do. It sounds like an extreme procedure (not helped by using phrases like ‘cutting into his heart’ – sorry) but honestly, it isn’t. Its day surgery, something that interventional cardiologists perform lots of and is frankly lower risk than continuing to fight with a known arrhythmia.

    Carcass MBChB BMedSci

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    I believe Carcass’ medical qualifications stand for

    Mucky Bugger Christ/Chael (same thing) Bollocker

    Bloody Medical Scientologist.

    Am I right?

    P.S. I saw you live in The Cooperage in Plymouth in 1994 on the Heartwork tour, Carcass. You were awesome. I still have my T-shirt from that night, which I wear regularly. My mate Billy (who has, by all accounts, a 10 foot willy) was the guitarist for one of your support acts.

  • Fightlinker

    I stand by my oh so educated opinion that it’s a liability thing above everything else and Hardy has as much chance of keeling over dead training as he does getting into the ring and fighting. Sure, I understand why he’s not getting cleared. But it still sucks for him.

  • Carcass

    Its extremely easy to say ‘oh its just a liability thing’ – but would YOU be willing to take responsibility for licensing him? I wouldn’t and no responsible commission physician would either.

    If he has a simple, low-risk ablation and it works, he gets to fight. Otherwise, he doesn’t. Ball is in his court, not the commission’s.