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Don’t feed the Troll

Chael Sonnen is back, and with him his epic smack talk. How do some of the fighters he keeps bringing up feel about this? There’s Anderson Silva, who just sighs and shakes his head:

Man, what can I say about him? All of us, as Brazilians, get upset by his attitudes. We respect Americans, Japanese; we respect everybody. We have a tradition in this sport dating back many years and it’s sad to see people not respecting that. But if they don’t respect you in one way, they will in another. We’ll show our hegemony, our strength and heart in another way. Unfortunately, there are people living in the first world who aren’t all that evolved. We have to show our intelligence, take in the good and filter out the bad.

And then there’s Mirko Crocop, who calls Chael a child and master bullshitter:

When I was on UFC event last time I talked to some high ranked UFC official asking about this guy and saying: is he really crazy or just hungry for shameless promotion? The guy at UFC told me: He’s both. So that says it all. he is both a crazy person and hungry of promotion.I’m not angry or anything at Sonnen, but I will say one thing, I hope nobody gets offended, I dont wanna sound disgusting and I am certainly not fan of any anthropologic theories, but you can see on that guy’s face that he is limited and stupid and his IQ is not higher than the size of the shoes he’s wearing. His way of communication, his idiotic talks and mockery about legends such as Minotauro, Fedor, Wanderlei Silva and me, the people whose fame he will NEVER reach. I can’t be mad at him because he doesn’t understand some things, like a little child. To be angry at him would be equal for me being angry at my little son who does funky things around the house all the time.

I can’t believe that somebody would take this guy seriously. He barks like the dog, desperately trying to promote his fights because he doesn’t know any other way, certainly not with his fights. He graduated with a degree in bullshitting. So he is not an ordinary idiot, he is an idiot that has diploma in bullshitting. This is democracy, any idiot can say whatever they want. I just wish if he had 20 kilos more (40+ pounds more), I would kick his ass so hard that the steam would be blowing out of his rude ass. Or maybe if he comes in Croatia as a tourist one of these days, I hope to find him at the beach and make a little “conversation with him”.

We still stick with our prediction that it will be some random Brazilian cornerman that ends up cold cocking Chael at a random event. Sooner or later he’s going to say something in front of the wrong person and learn that a lot of fighters have anger management issues, especially those savage pygmy Brazilians.

  • iamphoenix

    i thought this was gonna be about thingsvolds.

  • CAP

    And it will be much deserved. There’s hype, then there’s shit talking. But it’s the only way this guy is going to stay relevant.

  • kvelertak

    Mirko sounds Mad.

  • KeyboardWarrior

    Chael Sonnen via twitter
    Mirko, ol’ buddy! Strong words from someone who’s been carried out more often than Chinese food!

  • CAP

    ^He’s a master shit talker though. Bravo.

  • G Funk

    Actually. he’s the Carlos Mencia of MMA chit talking.

  • scissors61

    Crocop’s “conversation” would probably involve him and the boys from ATJ-LUCKO kidnapping Chael and dropping him off in Chechnya. lulz. 

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Would they just cut off his hands and feet, or would they do his lips?

  • scissors61

    probably his head 

  • Redping

    Cro Cop, what happened to your legs? Why didn’t they work when you got to america? Oh wait, nothing happened to your legs, the ref just doesn’t have an earpiece anymore, you just suck!

    Honestly anybody who wasn’t pissing themselves laughing during the ‘nogs trying to feed a bus a carrot’ speech and his WANDY WINS 22 FIGHTS IN JAPAN! IN OTHER NEWS, HULK HOGAN BEATS THE IRON SHEIK, isn’t a human (or is brazillian)

    The guy says a lot of things that the fans think. And to be honest, I am surprised that Chael is the only person who does this. I know martial arts teaches you respect so it’s probably that, but the fact is that even though the guy is shit stirring, a lot of what he says kinda rings true. I mean the ‘greats’ of mma that fought in japan. While it’s not ‘fake’ like he said, those ‘greats’ turned out to be just ‘okays’ when they fought real competition.

  • Redping

    also, Chael sonnen would beat Cro Cop in a fight easily even if he did it at 185, Cro Cop threatening people when his career is such a mockery of itself, is even more hypocritical than Chael talking about Armstrong. Cro Cop should focus on which side of his head is going to hit the ground first after he gets first round KO’d by Big Country, not worry about what the real fighters are saying

  • KeyboardWarrior

    ^Chael Sonnen on his fake account

  • Grappo

    While it’s not ‘fake’ like he said, those ‘greats’ turned out to be just ‘okays’ when they fought real competition.


    “Real competition” meaning the UFC guys right?  Ever notice that most of these PRIDE guys were hitting the wall around the time they came to the UFC?   Also, ever notice that the UFC “greats” of the same time period were falling apart pretty much simultaneously?   Everybody gets old, and some do it faster than others.  Let’s not rewrite history because they didn’t fight in the UFC while still in their prime. 


    and some of em are still doing pretty damn good.  

  • Redping

    Shogun is the only one to put in any kind of decent performance after his run in pride, and Rampage, who really imrpoved once he left pride.

    I really don’t think cro cop passed his prime on the plane ride from Japan to America, it’s not that far. Gonzaga knocking you out with a left head kick is just kinda proving the point that you weren’t really part of the big leagues, because gonzaga gets ktfo from a stiff breeze

  • Grappo

    And Hendo, and Silva.  Yes I count Anderson as a PRIDE guy.  Busted up Big Nog did pretty good for a while too.  Everybody gets old, and you can’t keep winning forever.  Doesn’t mean they weren’t great in their day.



  • glassjawsh

    @ redping – also rampage and aoki and mousasi and lombard are all much better than ok

  • glassjawsh

    and kawajiri

  • Reverend Clint

    except none of those fighters are fighting top caliber fighters, except rampage.

  • Aan

    that my friends was a wanring let me paraphrase don’t insult others countries or you will get your teeth knocked out by me. you don’t know if you will have to fight me in the future and it can be a painfull experience

  • Auth

    You can never judge a quick clip of two people griaplpng. Could have just been a rare occasion where Machida got the best of him. But regardless of whether Machida is a better grappler, Silva is a better kickboxer. Would knock him out on their feet. If he got taken down, he has good enough jiu-jitsu to not get submitted.

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