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Don’t train with Sokoudjou

Kit Cope hasn’t managed to do much in the MMA world other than penetrate Gina Carano. This of course makes him legendary in my books. He’s also a funny dude as proven by this interview:

Kit: I had a separation in my rib but it healed up in a few weeks it left a little lump but I’m still beautiful, but the knee injury happened while I was training for a fight in the AFL in Louisville, Kentucky. I was out at Quest in Timecula California. I was training with those guy Thierry Sokoudjou-I don’t know if you heard of him but he’s the guy who knocked out Rogerio Nogueira and then knocked out Arona.

JR: The world is watching and waiting on him to see his next move and see who he fights.

Kit: Yeah well I was watching as he tore my knee in half.

Now why did Sokoudjou destroying someone’s knee sound familiar? Oh yeah … he did the exact same thing to Frank Shamrock:

Following the fight the focus shifted to Shamrock’s knee injury suffered while training with Thierry Sokoudjou two weeks before the event. The thirty-four year old former UFC champion told MMAWeekly, “I tore my ACL and MCL, and partially tore my meniscus which apparently is really bad. I probably shouldn’t be walking around, but I just put that big brace on it and kept on going.”

If you ask me, there’s two things you don’t want to get fucked up: your knee and your back. Okay, your neck and brain are also pretty important. But when I think of horrific training accidents, the knee is pretty high up there because you got all sorts of muscles and shit converging together.

If your leg was Ohio, your knee would be Cincinnati. If Cincinnati gets wiped out, you might as well write Ohio off. Because really, who the fuck gives a shit about Columbus? Anyways, I don’t really know where I was going with that but the point is don’t let Sokoudjou near Cincinnati because he’ll fuck it up.

  • Kenny the Swede

    What about Cleveland? You’d still have that. Cleveland’s not really not so much part of your leg as it is taint, but it’s still important.

  • intenso

    in Cincy they eat spaghetti with chili on it. that shit ain’t right.

  • anderson

    “other than penetrate gina carano?!!!” sheet…..that’s all i needed to hear. kit copes the best eva! the best eva!

  • Wu Tang

    Drew Carey is from Cleveland, let Sokoudjou break his legs.

    Seriously, if Sokoudjou keeps on breaking peoples legs, he would not be good in MMA if he keeps this up… Meaning he will eventually get kicked out if he does nto tone down in camp.

  • Jemaleddin

    Knees? Back? Neck? Brain? Feh. Who cares if you lose those?

    Just keep the guy away from your junk.

  • Matt

    Man, the knee is hard to heal.. My pops runs a construction company and when I was 17(5 years ago) I managed to shoot myself w/ a framing gun(thats a 16penny nail about 3in long and 1/4′ in diameter) right through the kneecap..All you could see was the head of the nail sticking outa my jeans..Needless to say it fuckin sucked. Everytime the nail would touch a nerve my leg would bend up to my ass and I would pass out.. that happened a good 3 times before we tied a board to my leg to keep it straight. (kinda like you would do w/ a broken finger) all and all 3 surgeries and a plastic kneecap later it still hurts like a bitch when its cold outside..

  • fightlinker

    Keep Sokoudjou away from your knee and Kongo away from your nuts. Cleveland is kinda like that yellowish toenail that you dropped a sofa on and may or may not fall off.

    And Matt – that really sucks! What’s worse is it was your dad’s construction company so you couldn’t really get a big settlement out of it, could you?

  • Jonathan

    I think Oklahoma is where it is at!

  • kentyman

    Keep Matt away from my junk with that nailgun. I don’t want to have to nail my shit to a board to keep it straight.

  • Thomas

    Sokoudjou is hurting people he trains with he should be decapitating people he fights

  • Matt

    Ha! funny shit.. Actually..kinda. All the medical bills were taken care of and I didn’t pay a dime for the house I own.. ) What was worse is I ran CC all through HS and had to start over from shit after that..

  • Hywel Teague

    awesome photoshopping skkills dude, predator, haha

    Cope is an asshole, but damn he gets my eternal respect for holing Carano

  • garth

    Matt, i hurt inside reading your little tale. good lord. the leg-curl-and-pass-out bit was the craziest part tho. Did you get back to running?

  • Erin

    If only Sokoudjou was awesome enough to wear a Predator mask to the ring……

  • sonzai

    Soko reminds me of a story I once heard about big Todd Bertuzzi, fine hockey player, all around nice guy and genius…no wait, he’s the opposite of all that. Anyway, when he was on the Canucks, a player had just returned from a foot injury and what does Bert do? Take a slapshot at that very same foot. Also, a new goalie was at his very first practice and what does Bert do? Take a slapshot at his head. Wu Tang’s right–dude better slow down in practice or he’s gonna be a predator without a team.

  • Matt

    I think it sounds worse than it really felt.(gotta love adrenaline) I honestly dont remember the whole passing out thing to clearly, but to this day I still get fucked w/ by the guys..”Oh shit, Matt’s here hide the nailguns” ha or anytime I’m carrying one around they will hide behind something.. I did eventually get back to the routine and Im the asst. CC coach at the HS.(also known as the waterboy or bus driver) Studied Chi-Do-Himm (freestyle fighting) for the last 3 years here in the water logged state of Louisiana.

  • John

    How do we know he nailed(no pun intended Matt) Carano?

  • Hywel Teague

    because they went out for ages. she mentioned him as her boyfriend in many interviews

  • Ken

    I have never been on this forum-I had just done a search on Sokoudjou. This thread has been some of the funniest shit I have ever read. Is Cleveland worse than Houston?

  • fightlinker

    Houston is a mean city. MEAN.