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DREAM: Fight for Japan Chat tonight!

In the past, you never know if Fightlinker’s gonna have a chat up on a weekend with random non-UFC fightstuffs. From now on I’ll be doing my best to make sure there’s no event the average MMA fan can get their hands on that there won’t be a chat up for. We start this trend off with DREAM’s Fight for Japan event, which occurred last weekend but is debuting on HDNet tonight at 10PM EST. So come join us for some Japanese MMA fun. We can take a look at how empty the Saitama Super Arena is and speculate on which fighters actually got paid.

  • mamoru

    Can’t wait to see this shit.
    The Tokoro fight sounded amazing from the twitter pbp.

  • Sodomize Intolerance

    People are watching this?

  • agentsmith

    I tried watching, it really wasn’t worth it.