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Drew Fickett says he’s changed

Drew Fickett was back in action this weekend, beating 8-1 fighter Jason MacKay (8-2 now). This put him up to 2-3 in his past 5 fights, not exactly the best numbers in the world for a former UFC and ADCC competitor. Most people agree that Fickett’s problems come from two places: his head and a bottle. And while Fickett says he’s not about to give up drinking, he claims to have changed for the better since the birth of his baby daughter. From Sherdog:

“Chance favors the prepared athlete. I get away with being pretty technically good, but there comes a time you need to dedicate yourself,” waxed Fickett on his recent losses. “I shouldn’t have let it come to that. I should be walking through guys like that.”

“Let me tell you something: I’m never going to stop drinking beer,” Fickett continued, brew in hand. “But recently, I just had a new baby girl, and that changed my perspective on a lot of things. Dennis Hallman told me it takes a man to make a man, and I had my baby girl.”

  • Kishor

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  • Karen

    Vegetarian fighters are peolpe that 99% of the time ate too much, got fat then read something about how meat is bad. They cut out meat, thus a large source of calories. They lost weight so being vegan must work. In short, it’s bs.

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