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EA UFC will be an XBox One launch title

Microsoft unveiled it’s new XBox One console and aside from a few creepy revelations like the device needing to connect to the internet once a day to stay operational and the device listening to you even when it’s off, there wasn’t a whole lot of mind blowing content. EA did show up and promise several launch games including the first UFC game since they bought the rights off THQ. No in game graphics, though – just that pre-rendered shit that has absolutely nothing to do with the final product. But hey! New UFC game at XBox One launch! That’s pretty neat.

  • agentsmith

    In Soviet Russia, video game watches you!

  • KravMagoo

    They couldn’t come up with anything more timely than the “Showtime” Kick?


    That’s so WEC.

  • Reverend Clint

    Too shiny… looks like doom 3

  • CAP

    I hate these pre rendered (target) trailers. That’s basically what they said last gen sports games would look like then the games visuals fell way short of expectations. Til I see in game footage I’m not buying it. These new consoles better have pixar like quality to get my money cuz you know they won’t be cheap.

  • frickshun

    Why can’t games look moar like Techmo Bowl?! Angry nerd rant over.