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Ed Herman Interview: “Kyle Noke hasn’t fought anybody”

We were able to catch-up with The Ultimate Fighter season three finalist Ed Herman where we recapped his 48-second bout with Tim Credeur, his upcoming opponent with Kyle Noke, and what he hopes to accomplish for the remainder of the year.

Fightlinker: You’re coming off of a huge win over Tim Credeur last month – it was a fight that a lot of people expected to be a gritty battle because of how tough both you and Tim are–I’m sure for you, you were happy to get the quick win, but how did you anticipate the fight would actually play out beforehand?

Ed Herman: I anticipated a three-round battle. I know that Tim was a tough guy, he was hard to finish, but at the same time I felt like that I can finish him, that I had seen guys hurt him before, they just didn’t finish him. They would jump down into his guard and let him recover, so I felt like if I could hurt him, I would either call him back up or try to stay high and land a few more shots to finish him. Luckily I was able to land a few good shots and hurt him pretty bad and I was able to jump on him pretty quick and land a few more good shots before he was able to kind of wrap me up and recover.

FL: Having to be out for as long as you were and having such a quick win, was it almost disappointing for you in a way to have less than 60-seconds of ring time after the two years away from the game? Did you want to demonstrate maybe more that you had?

EH: Nah, I was happy to get in there and finish it fast man (laughs). To get that first one out of the way, get back to training, being healthy, looking to fight again right away. You can never complain about a quick win.

FL: And speaking to that, you’re taking no breaks since you’re getting right back in there. You’re taking on Kyle Noke on the next Versus card, was it a no brainer to step up and take this fight right away after the last couple of years that you’ve had?

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EH: Yeah, pretty much. Your first reaction, your gut drops a little bit, because you’ve got another fight. I was like ‘oh man, I don’t know’, but at the same time, I talked to my family about it and my teammates and they thought it was a good idea. We all think it’s a good match-up for me style wise, so it was kind of a no brainer in that sense. It’s a good opportunity for me to get right back in there. I’m still healthy, I’m still in it.

FL: Assuming that – barring you didn’t have any injuries in your last fight because it was pretty quick, is there any danger for yourself in burning yourself out in returning back to camp for this match up, especially with a guy like Kyle Noke. He’s a tough guy, he’s a budding contender, he’s looked great in his last couple of fights – is there any danger in there just trying to burn yourself out too quick?

EH: I don’t think so. You have your bumps and bruises from training. I was more injured from training camp than I was from the fight obviously because it was so quick. But, just going right back in there to camp, I had a few weeks to kind of chill out. I was back in the gym training right away, but I wasn’t going full boar, so I was able to heal up a little bit. I feel good, my body feels good, and I think again this is a great match-up for me. Kyle Noke’s a tough guy, but I don’t think he has fought the competition level that I have. He hasn’t fought anybody.

FL: Kyle is a tough guy, but I think his biggest weakness that he’s demonstrated in his fights has been his wrestling primarily, and I know that’s a big part of your game, so how do you see the fight playing out?

EH: I see me finishing him. Whether it be in the clinch, on our feet, or on the ground. I know everybody thinks that I’m a wrestler, but I only wrestled two years in high school. I feel like my hands have really come together, over the last couple of years I’ve had a lot of time to work on my hands and my power. I feel like I can pretty much control the fight and take it where I want. He’s kind of a runner, so I have to run him down a little bit and get my hands on him. Those guys are a little bit difficult to fight; they run backwards. I’m going to have to run him down, get my hands on him, and if I can get my hands on him in the clinch and take him down, I feel like I can dominate him and wear him down and grind him out; make him quit.

FL: Beyond this fight, I know there was a little bit of hesitation at first with taking this fight, but I know you’re also happy to get back in there so quickly, especially after all the things you’ve been through–but beyond this fight, what are you hoping to accomplish for the rest of 2011?

EH: I would like to get in and fight again this year. I would like one more fight this year. If I can, that would be great. I told myself that once I got through the Credeur fight, that my goal was to fight three times this year. If I can get a third fight in this year I’d be happy. Preferably right before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy being home for the holidays, but hey if it’s something in Decemb​er, that would be great too.

**Ed will next be taking on Kyle Noke on the preliminary portion for “UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle” on August 14th at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin–the card will air live on Versus, and their middleweight match-up will likely be featured on a Facebook stream if so provided**

  • G Funk

    Was Ryan reading these off the, “questions you ask MMA fighters book?”

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Um … congratulations?

  • iamphoenix

    would be cool if FL style questions were asked instead of Joan’s first date questions.

  • frickshun

    Yeah, this was not very Fightlinker-like. WHAT A BORING FUCKING INTERVIEW!!

    Ed: What’s it like to be afflicted by Gingervitis? Are you directly related to the devil or is it by marriage.

    Ed: Remember that fight against Doerkson where you knocked him the fuck out? That fight was FUCKING TERRIBLE before that. How does that make you feel?

    Ed: You seemed very confident on TUF but being a mediocre fighter has humbled you. Questions?

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    ^moar please omg lol

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    Any plans to rematch Demian Maia?

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    Ed Herm…never mind.

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    Show some respek, eh – Ed turned down two opprotunites to fight in the UFC before he got on to TUF 3.

  • Redping

    I didn’t read the article much but Kyle Noke is a good fighter with a bit of shitty takedown defense who has a good finishing rate. Ed Herman is an eternally mediocre fighter who’s best wins are against no-names as well, except he once got destroyed by Demian Maia. I don’t see how that’s going to help him in this fight, he might just have an extreme fear of triangles now

  • G Funk

    “I didn’t read the article much”

    I can say the same about your posts.

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    That shit was hilarious, Fenix.  Does it work here?

    I read article but Noke a fighter a of takedown who a finishing. Ed is eternally fighter  best are no-names well, he got by Maia. I see that’s to him this , he just an fear triangles

    Just for the record, I have nothing but love for your verbosity, Redping, but I cannot believe Ed Herman was worth even that many sentences from you.

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