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Eddie Yagin thinks Joe Rogan sucks too much donk

There was a day when Joe Rogan was universally loved by MMA fans. He’s funny, knowledgable, and seems like the kind of dude you’d like to get a beer or seven with. Now some say he yells too much and worry about the veins in his neck exploding. Even fighters are starting to get in on the action, with Rampage bitching about biased commentating and UFC 145 FOTN-winner Eddie Yagin doing the same:

Yagin: Maybe you should talk to Joe Rogan because that (expletive) hates on me so bad. I need to talk to that boy. Someone should have checked his teeth because I think he got (expletive) in his mouth from sucking his (expletive) so much. Every time I would throw a good punch, or land a good kick, he would capitalize on Hominick. He’d say ‘oh, good shot from Yagin, but Hominick took it and look how well Hominick is moving!’ It’s like are you kidding me right now? Shut the (expletive) up and instead of saying what you want to happen, say what is happening.”

We’re all familiar with this gripe … fans of fighters hit the interwebs after every event bitching Joe out for the imagined crime of not siding with their particular fighter. It’s like they’re afraid that Rogan is so tied into the reality that’s going down that he’s unfairly affecting the outcome of the fight on a quantum level. A Rogan flaps his gums in Tokyo and it changes the outcome of the lightweight championship bout or something like that.

Joe Rogan is just one dude giving his opinion on fights and we should be glad he’s not as terrible as some of the other guys out there. If he happens to have a bias to a fighter he’s more familiar with, suck it up and recognize IT CHANGES NOTHING. I don’t believe Goldberg when he talks about how great tasting Xyience is, so why not get comfortable with the idea that Rogan is not the undisputed arbitrator of truth and reality too?

  • Stever

    Fighters going after Rogan is lame.. just fight your fight and dont worry about what the dude says..

  • agentsmith

    But Goldberg is 100% correct when he says Corn Nuts are the official corn snack of the UFC.

  • Giallo

    lol, but he should watch his fucking mouth. It’s one thing to say stop being a dick and it’s another to say he’s sucking that dick. That’s Dana’s boy your talking about.

  • variable

    Meh, Rogan is Rogan he’s prone to yelling and favoring certain fighters, but at least he knows what is going on in front of him.  Fucking Goldie is who I have a problem with he’s been with the UFC since 97 and still doesn’t have a clue about what’s transpiring. 

  • Fightlinker

    I liked him better when he was clueless. He’s been working on his striking knowledge and it’s annoying ;-)

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    First off, Tantrum wasn’t mad about bias, all he complained about was Rogan stating things he can improve on.  Granted, Tantrum probably still called it a bias, but let’s not propagate the words out of his mouth as accurate in any way.

    Second, If he talked about Yagin all he’d have to say is “Wow!!  Yagin sure is a guy who’s in the cage right now!!  Look at another windmill punch and bad footwork!”

    Joe Rogan tries to put over the overmatched guy, he gets called biased, he points out flaws he gets called biased, and now he tries to focus on the positive things in a fight and still gets bitched at.

    I’ve probably wasted more concern on it than he will.

  • drunkenjunk

    Eddie really looks like he won that fight. Quit your bitching. Nobody is callin out Al Michaels or the douches MNF trots out that blow shitty Quarterbacks.

  • JoeRoganIsAnnoying

    Hey FL!  Long time reader, first post on the new site..
    “There was a day when Joe Rogan was universally loved by MMA fans.”

    Nope.  I’m pretty sure he’s an ass.
    I would add it to my moniker but you guys has sponsors now.  So, I’ll just maintain he annoys me.  Indeed, UFC fights are far more enjoyable on mute.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    JRiA is right – even as a fan of Rogan’s announcing I know people have been disliking him or his work since day one.

  • Reverend Clint

    he can be a little bjj centric but not as bad as he used to be. Im a fan of his comedy and commentating but he does go a little nuts every once in a while.

  • Night Rider

  • Night Rider

    I agree with Clint. I think one thing that people overlook is how much worse we could have it, think of some of the options we could have instead of Rogan, with the exception of a few like Miletich, Rogan is lightyears better than most. 

    Also the new site Sucks ass. and give me some fucking podcast.

  • Symbul

    Fighters are touchy little bitches, news at 11.

  • TheBrownSound

    When did Carrottop start interviewing fighters?

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    Rogan is the best mma commentator.  As close to perfect as we have

  • mooch

    Bring back tito

  • noiseless


  • brandonB

    I for one, love Rogan. I think he is the shit. The UFC would suffer greatly without him.

  • Letibleu

    sand in vagina syndrome

  • Cipta

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  • mnwecido

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