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Edgar to 145? You betcha

Frankie Edgar has made no official announcement about moving down to featherweight. He has not even hinted at it since losing his rematch to Ben Henderson. Dana White suggests doing so, but says the decision is Frankie’s alone to make. And I have no inside knowledge whatsoever on this matter. So what makes me believe Edgar will make the move? Nothing more than simple logic.

Edgar is not a man content with being just another fighter. He’s a driven man, not in this game to be second best. And perhaps most importantly, he’s felt the power of championship gold around his waist. Then after losing that and coming so close to regaining it, heading to the back of the line is simply not an option. That’s like a teenager who gets laid for the first time, then goes back to stroke sites in his basement. He had the real thing, and going backward sucks, but maybe he simply has no other options.

Frankie has options. All he would have to do to make 145 is skip breakfast and clip his toe nails. And anyone who is legally allowed to kick someone in the face damn well ought to be clipping their toe nails at regular intervals. Even though he’d likely have to take a fight before getting a title shot, he’d be a lot closer than he would be if he remains at 155. There’s a long line of hungry contenders who’ve been shut out by the endless cycle of rematches that lightweight has seen in the past couple of years.

Now, championship glory at 145 is not a foregone conclusion for Edgar. There lurks a champion down there who is downright nasty, and has a scar across his face courtesy of his sisters pushing him into a fire pit as a child. When a fellows own kin pushes him into a fire pit that may tend to make that fellow a tad ruthless. But, a fight between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar would be huge, and if he can win, Frankie would join BJ Penn and Randy Couture as the only fighters in UFC history to hold titles in two separate weight categories. A good chance at a title shot, along with joining such an exclusive club will just be too much for Edgar to resist. The next time we see Frankie Edgar it will be at featherweight.

  • Garp

    Here, here.

  • ghosttt

    Sucks to get chased down a weight class after you tie the belt holder, then beat him conclusively in the rematch (just watched the fight again – 49-46 Edgar if you aren’t scoring rounds draws, 50-47 or _maybe_ 50-48 if you are). Weird how close fights ALWAYS go to the gambling favorite, huh?

  • frickshun

    Ryan, you’re a fucking idiot.

    PS: Bendo is going to rassle-fuck Nate to the living death.

  • Reverend Clint

    yay more people to fight 2+ times in a row

  • TheButtStrangler

    Did you ever think that boxing judges are in the pocket to an agenda?

  • noiseless

    frankie is a youngins raslin’ coach. too damn small for 155, probably not quick or skilled enough in any other class? can’t see him doing other things than not quite getting knocked out. and bleeding alot. i might be right, i should be wrong.

  • fightlinkerReader

    Agree with noiseless, the move to 145 might not be a piece of cake. His fighting instincts were generated from fighting slower and stronger 155 pound fighters. Now he will be up against equally quick and equally weak fighters – something he doesn’t have as much experience with. Who knows how difficult the adjustment will be.

  • Oontyex

    hmm true, his whole game plan was to use speed to avoid fighting, while playing chase-tag every now and then. against faster guys they might force him to fight.

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