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All I can say about this cut: Insert Coin here

  • ACanadianPotHead

    Why does no one ever post comments here? This is a sweet site, say something people!!

  • ACanadianPotHead

    Kalib never impressed me. Even when he beat Leben. Either way, if either of those two had to fight Anderson, they might want to consider calling in sick.

    Is the UFC now gonna throw Okami in there with Silva? Hes a fairly big guy, but I doubt things would be much different than the Franklin fight, either one. Hendo needs a reality check and drop down. Hes the only one that could give Silva trouble. I got 20 on Silva by the way………

  • ajadoniz

    Insert penis here

  • garth

    my comment at the time was that he should have belcher come back and do the other side, so he looks angry and not perplexed.

  • dignan

    Kalib is a fucking pussy.

    As a fellow Canadian, I have been pulling for the guy since his appearance on TUF. He has all the attitude and ego that a champion usually has, but none of the talent.

    His two ONLY challenging fights, Kendal Grove, and Belcher…HE FUCKING QUIT both times.

    I loved how he threw the hissy fit at the end when someone critisized the stoppage. I was watching and listening closely, and it sounded like Starnes said to stop it…I never heard him say I still want to fight.

    Fuck him and all his attitude. Lucky we still have GSP because Starnes is useless.


  • Ted Dibiase

    holy crap. thats ugly

  • hbdale309

    “He has all the attitude and ego that a champion usually has, but none of the talent.”

    Close. He has all the talent but no attitude and heart.

  • kermit.01

    It was funny when at the end of round one he was sitting in his corner and when they did a close up everyone watching the big screens let out a huge ‘ohhhhhhh’ — you could see him look up at his corner and ask “is it that bad?”

  • kermit.01

    Hey by the way was I the only one who saw the kid down on the floor in the red shirt and mohawk that never stopped dancing and being extremely animated? I really wanted to walk down there and just slap him in the back of the head.

  • Higgz

    Starnes and Marvin Eastman should start a club for people who have been given a third eyebrow.

  • Matt

    That fucker held a huge spoonfull of vaseline.. My bitch girlfriend stopped watching at this point and asked me “omg, what the fuck is wrong w/ you?” “This is the shit you talk about all day?”

  • anderson

    in the guys defense, he said he wanted to continue to fight. he yelled at his corner when he mistakenly thought they were talking shit to him about giving up. the doctor stopped the fight……not much of a choice in that.

  • marshal

    I can see the head. PUSH! PUSH!

  • John

    Dignan needs to chill with his comments

  • marshal

    Dignan was almost killed by Tito Ortiz. Give him a break.

  • Judge

    “Lucky we still have GSP because Starnes is useless. ”

    It is true, that is all Canada has to offer.

  • dignan

    Chill with my comments? Just calling it how I see it. I gave Starnes plenty of chances to redeem himself since he stopped his fight due to a rib injury.

    Fuck him.

  • Accomando

    “…My bitch girlfriend stopped watching at this point and asked me “omg, what the fuck is wrong w/ you?” “This is the shit you talk about all day?”..”

    Wow, she watched for that long?

    My bitch girlfriend refuses to even watch a minute of the stuff, good thing she likes to read magazines and newspapers for 3 hours.

  • ACanadianPotHead

    I bet Judge is writing these posts from his moms place. What Im getting at is Judge, shut it, the guys that run this site are Canadian.

  • Ted Dibiase

    hes gotta vagina on his head. but dont most canadians?

  • dignan

    Good’ole “Axe Gash” Starnes

  • Kris Karkoski

    Just to be clear the doc called the fight, he didn’t quit

  • dignan

    Just to be clear…Starnes was giving the doctor the look, “Please don’t make me fight again!!!”

    I will review the video…but he didnt want to continue.

  • Judge

    No I am not at my moms home, I am traveling for work right now in the states.
    PotHeads dont have much to offer either.


  • Ted Dibiase

    potheads dont have much to offer?

    bill shakespeare was a pot head

    didnt you see how high? ben franklin was a stoner!!!

  • Frank

    Canadians dont have much to offer?

    LW – Title Empty, soon to be held by a Hawiian
    WW – Title currently held by a fluke winding punch throwing loudmouth who is doing nothing but mouthing off and gonna get his ass beat by a farmer boy, who will then in turn lose his title to a canadian.
    MW – Title currently held by a brazillian
    LHW – Title held by an american
    HW – Empty title.

    Seeing as how the UFC was born in the USA, I dont see a lot of presence in the top of the world. If i see one more “Canada is useless” comment, our MMA topic will switch to racism when in truth the UFC will inevitably be completely overrun by the brazillians.

    Nogueira > Any HW
    Wandy > Any LHW
    ANDY > Any fighter MW
    GSP > Any WW
    BJ > Any LW

    Any questions? Please forward them to the war of 1812.
    Go leafs go.

  • Jester

    Nogueira > Any HW, Nog doesn’t hold the belt yet and has alot to prove in that Heavyweight division, so ultimately Nog=Any HW
    Wandy > Any LHW, Wand just got his ass beat and is in one of the deepest fastest growing divisions in the sport, Shogun>Wand, Wand=To everyone else.
    ANDY > Any fighter MW, AGREED
    GSP > Any WW, Ha, Gsp doesnt even have his fucking belt, skill wise he is awesome but fighting wise he doesn’t always show up to fight, Fitch will destroy GSP mark my words.
    BJ > Any LW, AGREED