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EliteXC starts 2008 with a bang

As much as I hate Gary Shaw and his imbred spawn $kala, I can’t help but enjoy EliteXC shows (well, most of them). It’s got women fighting, and it isn’t Bodog! So how can you go wrong?

There’s actually big news for the next two shows happening. First off there’s another ShoXC event on January 25th featuring Paul Daley, who’s an explosive striker with a fucking hot girlfriend. originally they were gonna put him against Hawaaian banger Mike Aina, but he injured himself so that’s scrapped.

Also, there’ll be a ‘battle of the girls who lost to Gina’ fight in the form of Julie Kedzie vs Tonya Evinger. Any female MMA is all right by me, but I’m a Kedzie fan so that’s extra good news. All in all, this is EliteXC’s version of Ultimate Fight Night, so let’s hope it lives up to the standard we expect from one of those.

Past that, the next ‘big’ card for EliteXC on Feb 16th is shaping up with Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott booked plus fights including Gina Carano, Big Dumb James Thompson, and Antonio ‘Best Heavyweight in the World‘ Silva. Sure, it’s not exactly like these guys (or girls) are included in any legitimate Top 5 lists, but who cares? Hot bitches, giants, a retarded Brit, a felony fighter, and an elderly Tank Abbott. I haven’t seen a more motley crew of characters since Street Fighter 2.

  • TALC

    Hey FL, whatever happened to your bitch-slap video after Lidell v. Silva? I really wanted to see you two monkeys reactions to the fight.

  • fightlinker

    Bitchslap video is on it’s way, it’s 45 minutes of footage that we have to boil down to 3 minutes so it’s taking a bit longer. I’ll have it up for sure VERY SOON

  • TALC

    Awesome, Thanks.

    Hey, I think it would be cool if you made a longer video out of it, or maybe in the future recorded your reactions to the fights a la the podcast. I’m sure many are interested in your during-event banter and squalor-like surroundings.

  • Xavier

    “Hot bitches, giants, a retarded Brit, a felony fighter, and an elderly Tank Abbott.”

    And they expect people to pay for this? This officially kills any credibility you had when you bitched about UFC 78. That was a fucking “show of the year” candidate on paper compared to this motley mess of crap.

  • Boshyclaus

    Kimbo is definitely Blanka

  • jaydog

    Well said, FL. This is the first post where we are 100% on the same page (“I love Luke Cummo” runs a close second).

  • Xavier

    Oh, good, it’ll be on Showtime, so they don’t actually expect people to pay for it.

    Criticism withdrawn.

  • el feo

    Kendall Grove = Sagat
    Roger Huerta = Vega

  • el feo

    Nothing to do with nothing, but I’m watching boxing on Showtime and one guy is making BAH noises every time he lands a punch. He sounds like a video game.

  • RL Dookiefuck

    woah are they putting Silva up against Thompson?

  • fightlinker

    Nope … seperate fights :-( I imagine it’s a setup to a HW belt matchup between the two though

  • UFCPreview

    Kimbo is going to kill Tank

    And Giant Silva would smash on Thompson. His BJJ and ground game shits on the Colossus

  • Fred

    I’m never excited about EliteXC. As for “hot bitches”, who in their right mind thinks Tonya Evinger is hot? Julie Kedzie looks pretty good, but Tonya is pretty much the white, female version of Wanderlei Silva. I wouldn’t pay 2 bucks to watch Tonya fight.

  • RoB

    @ fred, i think fightlinker bases his ratings on how women look compared to jake. Thus Kedzie and Tonya = hot. horseface ufc ring girl=horseface ufc ring girl (not even jake can help with that one). or he could be talkin about the slutty dancing girls

  • stellar53

    Speaking of Bang…..that is what I am planning to do to Gina Carana very soon….

  • Xavier

    Yeah, you go find Gina Carana, goof.

    And before you try it, the A isn’t even close to the O.

    “I’m going to be cool on the internet and talk about having sex with chicks, because that’s totally cool and unexpected.”

  • fightlinker

    I’m actually having sex with her RIGHT NOW. Huh? Shut up bitch, i’m on the computer.

  • Amy

    Guile = Joe Riggs
    Balrog = Rampage
    Zangief = Tim Sylvia
    Ryu= GSP with hair

  • Sprewell

    Dhalsim = Shinya Aoki (FLEXIBILITY) Deejay = Melvin Manhoef (BLACK KICKBOXER) Fei Long = Lyoto Machida (KARATE)