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The End of Anderson Silva as We Know Him

The End of Anderson Silva as We Know Him

Say adios to the legend, folks.

UFC 168’s marquee bout of champ Chris Weidman vs. challenger Anderson Silva was supposed to give us a pretty definitive answer to the question, “Was Weidman’s previous win over Silva a fluke?” And in a way, it did give us a definitive answer – Weidman knocked the former champ down with a punch in the first round and ground-and-pounded him something fierce. But then came Round 2, and at just over a minute in, Silva threw a kick that Weidman check, and that was all she wrote – for the fight, for Silva’s leg, and probably for Silva’s career. (Yes, Corey Hill suffered the same injury, but it took him a long time to come back to competition, and Silva is 38-years old).

So grab your Sunday morning 40oz and pour a little bit out for the Brazilian legend. He went out in the worst way possible, but he went out fighting.

  • Casey


  • robthom

    Well the Silva apologists can call it what they want but the best Silva can seem to do against Weidman is to keep finding a way to lose.

    Silva was/is a very talented fighter, but he was also a lazy one content to squash shlubs in an empty division for years.
    This was bound to happen eventually when somebody showed up who had skills AND wasn’t afraid of him.

    It is what it is.
    I dont feel sorry for him, but I aint mad at him either.
    Its a job that can be viewed in different ways.